The Business and Philanthropic Efforts of Bruce Levenson

After his involvement with Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson turned his attention to financing the Do Good Institute (a non-profit organization found in the University of Maryland). The Do Good Institute was created in aim to create non-profit business leaders from the University of Maryland who can favorably compete with their counterparts in the private sector, Mr. Bruce and his wife presented the idea to the American university and donated $75 million. The response was positive and the first students were given $10,000 to use in ways they wished. Currently, the Do Good Institute is working to attract students who are passionate about giving back to the society, but its overall mission is to train a generation of non-profit leaders. In that, they have already realized some success with former student Ben Simon through the starting of the Food Recovery Network- a waste-prevention scheme in the university and Imperfect Produce that works to reduce wastage of produce.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a 66-year-old businessman and philanthropist who cofounded the United Communications Group (UGC) and owns the Atlanta Spirit LLC. He acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University, St. Louis and later advanced to get a JD in the American University. After that, he wrote for the Washington Star as well as the Observer Publishing. He then shifted to be the director at TechTarget Inc.

On 23rd April 2015, stories broke out of how Bruce Levenson hired bankers to sell the Atlanta Hawks. True to this, he had hired Goldman Sachs and Phillip arena who had convinced him they would get at least $1 billion for the team although it was confirmed by that the bid that won was worth $730 million. This was a good profit to Bruce Levenson by overselling the team. He has used his wealth in various non-profit courses to improve the society.

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