Amazon Loses People To Fabletics by Kate Hudson

Did you know that more than twenty percent of people who do their online shopping use Amazon to fulfill their shopping needs? Did you also know that those same individuals are using the e-commerce site to fulfill their own active wear trends. If not, you do now. More people use Amazon as a way to fulfill their needs because everything you could possibly want is available through Amazon. What if I told you however that your active wear needs can be met else where? Would you be interested? What if I told you that the same workout gear was made by a company that was founded by a celebrity? Would you be even more interested? I am sure you would be. So here it goes….


Fabletics, a concept that uses active wear as a subscription plan to be sold or given to members each and every month. It is the same concept as a magazine subscription plan however instead you are receiving new active wear each and every month. The idea was thought of by a celebrity known as, Kate Hudson. I am sure you have seen her ads on the television where she is using yoga poses to showcase how flexible she is in her workout gear. Everyone has seen the ad at least once and if you haven’t, I’m sure you have seen an ad online before. She is all over the place.


Fabletics was an idea that she thought of someday when she was working out in active wear that didn’t feel as comfortable as I am sure it should have. Your active wear should be form fitting but without constricting any portion of your body. I am sure you have all tried on a pair of yoga pants at least once that was simply uncomfortable. If so, did you feel like working out in them? Probably not. If not, then you know how important it is that you are comfortable when you are working out. Kate Hudson knew this and thought of the idea to simply mail women new outfits each month for a membership fee.


The people behind the membership of Fabletics knew that they had the right idea, which is why this company has made more than $250 million dollars in three years. With Amazon still reigning at the top of the list however, this is a big feit. If you are someone who is looking to give the perfect gift for the holidays, this would be perfect for you to choose. If you have someone who has a birthday coming up shortly, you might want to ask them what size they wear, give them the gift of a monthly gift each and every month following. This is a brilliant idea. Someone had to think of it right?


Fabletics has various levels of membership plans so you will need to decide which level of the plan you want to use. If you want VIP member status, there is a plan for you that will allow you to have free shipping and free returns and exchanges. Once you start and you receive your new outfit, I am sure that you will continue on for many more months to come.

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