Memorable Celebration for Market America

The Market America Convention 2017 was a great celebration for the company. Market America and all of their supporters gathered together to honor 25 years of being in business. This event took place in Greensboro, North Carolina. During the celebration many attendees stayed in hotels to celebrate with the company and enjoyed state-of-the-art entertainment provided by the company.These are a few tips that Winkler believes in and applies in Market America Shop.

Guest also enjoyed tasty food and lots of shopping! Market America chose to have their convention in a great location, considering it wasn’t far from attractions like the Greensboro History Museum or LeBauer Park. LeBauer Park even had yoga and Zumba activities at the time of the event. One of the reasons the company is very successful is because they live by the having of always having the “right attitude”.

Jim Winkler has been a franchise owner for over twenty-two years now. In addition, he is also the Vice President of Market America. He believes that having a positive attitude will bring great work ethic and success to one’s business. Most companies are all about money; however, Market America is not one of those companies. Market America knows that having the appropriate work ethic is what brings and maintains great businesses.

Winkler has a few other suggestions in addition to having positive attitudes for a successful business. Wrinkler suggested to maintain a close and open relationship with your business partners. Even if you are not close in distance, you guys should have conference calls to discuss the business. Winkler also recommends to develop relationships with the staff members of the company. Staff members should also be asked for the opinions and suggestions periodically. It is important to keep staff members reasonably happy.  You know now the secret of how the company has been successful for 25 years!

Logan Stout Entrepreneurial Characteristics that Makes Him Stand Out

Logan was born and grew up in Richardson, Texas. He graduated from Panola and University of Dallas in business degree and psychology degree respectively. There several things that Logan has majorly ensured full participation in things like keynote speakers for the companies, banquets, and seminars.

Logan Stout fame emanates from the fact that he established and became the CEO of IDLife which was established in January 2014. He is known to be the author and trainer who assist individuals who want to own the business fully and the individuals who want guidance and skills in managing a new business as well as starting a new business. These attributes display entrepreneurial characteristics. IDLife is mainly involved in the sales of nutritional organic supplements which promote good health and flexibility of the body.

IDLife gained popularity in America in 2016 as it was ranked among the first one hundred companies that deal in marketing. This was a sure sign to show that the company has experienced a myriad of achievements. Logan first published a book which mainly outlined the expound his objective of assisting other individuals to attain and develop leadership skills which will make the current generation individual vigilant thus becoming competent leaders in the coming days.

However, besides his entrepreneurial aspect, Logan has a strong positive attitude towards sport and a warm heart in assisting the youths to achieve their lifetime objectives. In respect to this positive attitude, he founded the Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization. He was also the founder of the premier baseball academy.

Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization gives an arena for the youth to work together with high-profile leaders, coaches, and instructors. A large proportion of youths that undergo the monitoring in program engage themselves in the college sports victoriously, which makes them stand a better chance.

Logan Stout is a selfless man in helping other individuals attain the same victory, he has achieved in his time by lending out the skills, both leadership, and entrepreneurial skills, and all the life encounters that have contributed to his popularity. Logan together with his wife Haley Stout, are currently living in Frisco, Texas and they’re blessed with two boys, Miles, and Copper.

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Sussex Healthcare Provides All The Services Older Individuals Need

When an older individual is no longer able to take care of their own needs, they have to have someone in their life who will meet those needs for them. There are times when an older person can no longer cook or clean and they need to have someone perform those tasks for them. Sussex Healthcare is an organization that is there for those who cannot take care of their own needs. This organization is around to provide the services that older individuals need as they live out their lives. Sussex Healthcare understands the needs of those that it serves.

Sussex Healthcare provides older individuals in their home with the chance to stay entertained. They provide a variety of activities that individuals can take on so that they can stay active and happy. Sussex Healthcare has knowledgeable chefs on staff, and those individuals make food for the individuals who rely on the organization. The chefs at Sussex Healthcare create gourmet meals that are enjoyed by all of the individuals who have access to them. They take fresh ingredients and turn them into healthy meals that can be consumed by the older individuals who are receiving care through them.

Sussex Healthcare provides a variety of therapies to those who rely on the organization for care. They offer occupational therapies as well as reflexology. Sussex Healthcare is there for those who have dementia and who are in need of constant supervision. They have a staff around at all hours of the day and night for such patients. They are careful to look out for those patients who get confused easily and to make sure that their needs are met. They provide those who are facing dementia with activities that they can take part in that can help them forget their struggles and enjoy life.

The Breathtaking History of Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin is a social activist, businessman, and an entrepreneur. He is from Irish. He lived in poverty and had no education, and it is because of this that led him to be an activist and an entrepreneur at the same time.

His creativity and open-mindedness made him receive much recognition not only among the local people but the whole country at large. His experience in living a low life caused him to create functional organizations in the Irish state. For instance is the founder of a group known as Irish labor party, Irish transport and general workers union and much more.

Jim Larkin believed much in socialism which however steered him to join a political group known as the independent labor is because of this team that also drove him to be interested in politics. His involvement in the politics made him be recognized in other states as well.

His passion and determination led to him being appointed as the organizer of another group known as the national union of dock laborers. Following the love he had for socialism and being the organizer of the federal union of dock laborers’ he managed to unite the Protestant and the catholic workers to come to one conclusion.

Jim Larkin being an entrepreneur and a businessman made him form several commercial unions that helped the people of Irish, traders and the country at large. Those trade unions improved the lives of the people of Irish and also much improved the economy of the country. The trade unions that were formed in Irish earned Jim Larkin top positions in them.

For instance, he acted as the commercial agent for the Soviet Union, communist at independent labor group and much more. Jim Larkin despite gaining popularity and top positions in various unions, he also faced significant challenges which some led to him being jailed although through it all he overcame them and became a better person.

Lime Crime Creator Is An Advocate For Self Expression

With her vibrant colored hair and unique makeup looks, Doe Deere is hard to miss. The self-proclaimed “Queen of Unicorns” is the proud founder of Lime Crime, a vibrant and illustrious makeup line. Deere recently shared her personal story of success and challenges on her road to success in hopes of empowering others to stay true to themselves, and always follow their dreams.


Since she was a child, Doe Deere has always been ambitious. She got her first taste of entrepreneurship at the young age of 13 when she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. By simply wearing the tattoos to school, Deere built a micro business, and generate a significant amount of money for a girl barely in her teens. A native of Russia, Deere moved to the United States at just 17. Her passion for music and desire to pursue a career as an entertainer led her to New York City.


While her career in music was unsuccessful, Deere says she gained valuable knowledge and experience that she was able to apply during the launch of Lime Crime. After a failed eBay clothing store business Deere went back to the drawing board to come up with a new business plan. In 2008, she launched Lime Crime cosmetics. Deere says that she has always had a love for color and all things unique, so when she was unable to find lip colors that matched her personality, she decided to create her own. Lime Crime aims to empower others to express themselves, freely, and unapologetically. With the variety of vibrant lip colors and textures offered, Lime Crime has seriously changed the game of makeup.


Since their launch, the company has expanded their product offering. Fans and followers, or “Unicorns”, as Deere calls them can now find their favorite colors in eyeshadow, hair color, and nail color. Lime Crime also offers four vibrant highlighter pallets to help really bring out your inner unicorn. All Lime Crime products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The Lime Crime team is passionate about helping animals, and regularly adopt and foster pets of all kinds.


Since 2008, Doe Deere has taken the internet by storm. Her social media presence and strong following have helped Lime Crime climb its way to the top in the industry of cosmetics, and color. Unicorns set their own standards. Instead of following trends, they set them, with the help of Lime Crime, and the “Queen of Unicorns” herself. Learn more:


Elysium Health: Making Strides with Supplements

Aging is one of the unsolved health problems of our time. While most people are okay with the idea of aging graceful, a few of the likes of Leonard Guarente, aged 62 years, are not happy and hence their commitment to using all means possible to solve the aging mystery. Elysium Health, established almost a year ago might just be the solutions individuals are looking for. However simple this may sound, nothing could be further from the truth.

The science of manufacturing pills is one that requires a lot of time and numerous trials, and one Elysium Health is not prepared to wait. Currently, the company has manufactured a pill known as Basis that has been tested in lab mice and worms and found out to be effective beyond a reasonable doubt. However, there is no sufficient evidence that this drug has the same effects in human beings. To get the drug to the market, Elysium Health has resorted to introducing it as a nutrient supplement thus helping it elude the many barriers imposed by the U.S. Food and Drug Department.

Elysium Health is a startup business formed to help with the current problem of aging. Leonard Guarente founded Elysium Health alongside Dan Alminana who is the chief operating officer and Eric Marcotulli, a venture capitalist as its CEO. To add to the list of investors the company refused to disclose are five Nobel Prize winners supporting the vision of the company through their valuable advice.

The goal of Elysium Health is to combat aging by improving the cell health. According to the lab trials the company was able to single out NAD as the component responsible for aging in the body. This element also controls all the communications around the nucleus and the cell. It is a known fact that as we age, our body’s level of NAD reduces. Therefore, by increasing the supply of NAD to the body through the consumption of Basis, Elysium Health is seeking to delay an individual’s aging time.

Apart from delaying the aging process, Basis, which is Elysium Health main product currently, will also help regulate the supplement industry. Elysium Health sees to it that it follows to the latter the strict pharmaceutical quality assurance procedures despite the pill being a supplement product. One of the ways is by ensuring that this tablet contains the required essential components and nothing more.

Elysium Health will also monitor and regulate the distribution of their pill. Unlike other supplement products, Basis will only be sold through the businesses website in two packages; 30-day supply for 60 US dollars and an ongoing monthly subscription for 50 dollars a month.

Jason Hope a Philanthropist and a Contributor to the Enhancement of Technology

Jason Hope is a philanthropist, an entrepreneur and a healthcare technology investor based in Arizona. He earned a degree in finance from the Arizona State University and acquired an M.B.A from the W.P Carey School of Business. He created a mobile communication company at the beginning of his career but now he focuses on investing in start-ups, biotechnology, and philanthropy. He is a frequent commentator and writer on latest technology trends.

Hope is a skilled futurist passionate about technology using the knowledge to watch the industry and make future predictions on technology. From the current trends in technology, he believes the power of the Internet of Things (#IoT) is a dynamic player in the future of modern society due to the growth of the number of devices becoming connected devices. Hope insights and advice are vital to modern.

From his interest in mobile technology, Hope started selling premium text messages, this laid a foundation for his future in medicine, and technology since it has room for growth and improvement. He now makes a living from his portfolio investments that include companies that offer Interactive Software, Marketing services, Digital Media Solutions and Computer and Business Information Systems and more information click here.

Apart from referrals, Hope also uses social media as a marketing strategy. He believes in using a marketing strategy that keeps people connected and social media is a great method that never fails. He terms it, as tried and tested true method of marketing that is readily available. The more people know about technology the more he makes a great change in the world and what Jason Hope knows.

As a futurist, Hope is always looking forward and getting excited for the next level of technology. He is currently passionate about how anti-aging processes can help prevent diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. He has invested a lot of money and research into the cure of these diseases and he feels the future relies on disease prevention and technology that can aid in the cure of these diseases before they cause irreversible damages. Disease prevention helps improve the society and give better quality life to those suffering and what Jason Hope knows.

Jason hope has a passion for philanthropy focusing on disease cure, education, biotechnology and scientific research. He is a great supporter of educational programs that promote education inside and outside of the classroom and the organizations that have a significant impact on disease prevention cure and control. He also has dedicated an interest in politics related to business throughout the Arizona state and resume him.

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Talk Fusion: You’re Next

You’re next might sound scary, but it is not meant to be scary. It just means you are the next person to join the Talk Fusion family. It truly is a family and it is a family where everyone is there for one another and everyone helps each other out, no matter what. Bob Reina is the owner and founder of the company and has been since 2007. Now, after a decade in, he sees things are going to get even better for the company, but most importantly, it is for the customers. They are the ones that are keeping Talk Fusion pumping and they are the ones that keep the company full of life and enthusiasm.

The company is on cloud nine right now after winning the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation ( The reason they are so happy is because it raises awareness about the company and it gets even more people talking about the company considering this is their second award from them in the year 2016. 2017 is going to be a banner year for Talk Fusion and who is next? You’re next is exciting because no one knows where the next big idea will come from in the Talk Fusion community.

However, if someone is unhappy at their job or with their life, they have hope knowing Talk Fusion will look at them next and help them along the way with their video emails and video chats. They will show them the ropes and get them started. Once they have the basics figured out, they have the whole world in the palm of their hand. They can control their own destiny. That idea their friends and maybe even family laughed about in the past is now no laughing matter.

It is a business that is running smoothly, making money, and allowing them to work from home. That is a tremendous feeling, as they are independent, financially well off, and most of all, happy! People should never take being happy for granted, as it sure beats being unhappy or miserable.


Throw A Few Gold Bars In With That

The U.S. Money Reserve is a leading agency in the United States and when dealing with the delivery or purchase of gold bars. There are a variety of gold bars to choose from also. Finding a reputable distributor is the most important thing for the seasoned investor. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook

You never know when the use of gold will come in handy.

One thing you can count on is that the U.S. Money Reserve is ready to buy the gold you have or issue bulk orders of any precious metal on the market. Dealing with gold bars means that you’re dealing with troy ounces. These type ounces are what gold and other precious metals are weighted in.

Therefore, the spot price of a precious metal is within a price per troy ounce.

Order, Fast, Easy And Safely

It’s much faster and easier to obtain gold products and more so than most people expect. The years passing when gold was traded has enabled a formidable industry to develop. This industry is one where giants like the U.S. Reserve create services that orders gold fast, easy and with safety.

Likely the most interesting features to these development in trading gold is how well they are adapted to the online platform. What this means is that you now have great access to gold, silver and platinum. This has become possible while ensuring that the Reserve employs the best safety measures to date.

Rest assured that your investments in precious metals are also backed by the agency. You can purchase as much as you want, and it will show up on your doorstep with no problems. …

A Leader In Precious Metals

Crunchbase revealed that what makes the U.S. Money Reserve a leader in gold is its governmental stance. When government agencies offer their gold reserves and for sale, the country which does so opens its economy to more trade and valuation. This is what the U.S Money Reserve has done.

It has also become a trusted leader in doing so.

Working To Get Precious Metals In Your Hands And Now

It’s an honor to have access to precious metals and for investment purposes. Part the work that any investor undergoes is that of investing their money or time and into future values. Bullion is an option and for many modern-day traders. The reason is because of precious metal’s ability to be a great protection option.

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Eric Pulier The Adventure Capitalist

Eric Pulier has helped many future entrepreneurs to get the funds to help them achieve their dreams and their passions in business. As a successful entrepreneur with a mind full of innovations, he has contributed to transforming many revolutionary technologies used today. Eric notes that when he looked at the world and saw that it’s full of ideas which were not available in the market, the passion for technology in him pushed him to come up with ideologies of the ideas accessible to the market. Through his experience, he has learned to quickly point out the serious and passionate entrepreneurs who are ready to sacrifice long hours and become successful in the long term. He does this through interviewing them, and he does that as adventure capitalist whose passion it to search for new ideas. According to Eric, it has helped him to make lots of money.

However, Eric Pulier noted that it was not easy to make a profit when he started because it took him time to mentor his employees and also improve his products. He made it simple to make the profit by investing a long time on finding ways on how to do the launching of his product and figuring out its logistics. He advises other entrepreneurs to be optimistic of what they do and have faith in their ideas. That is what made him succeed because he never doubted it would work out for him. On how he got his first customer, Eric pointed out that in 1994 as the founder of Digital Evolution, he used the word of mouth style to find customers which he did for four years to make the company grow. His top priority in his businesses maintaining the highest standards of customer service.

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On marketing his strategy, Eric he uses pay per click advertising because that is the most efficient way to track his business and target his desired audience. Eric does not use his profit to expand his businesses, but he uses the surplus and believes that startups are the key to a brighter future. He has created many innovative companies and consumers have benefited from their technologies.

Eric Pulier graduated with literature from Harvard University in 1988 and 1991 he started People Doing Thing. The company was dedicated to education and healthcare and was aimed at creating technologies of facing the biggest challenges of the same. He has many businesses, but the latest is vAtomic Systems whose aim is to merge the physical and digital world.