Eye Care Industry to See Expansion

One of the most important organs in your body are your eyes. Due to the importance of having good vision, it is very important that all people take good care of their eyes. Historically, a deterioration of vision has been considered something that is inevitable with old age. However, more and more people today are looking for ways to make their vision strong and their eyes healthier. This trend is leading to a dramatic increase in value and capitalization for the eye health industry (https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2017/05/18/987651/0/en/Eye-Health-Ingredients-Market-worth-over-290-Million-by-2024-Global-Market-Insights-Inc.html).


According to a study done by the Global Market Insights, Inc, the eye health industry could see its market size increase to over 300 million dollars by the end of the year 2024. This is a big increase compared to the last available study. The biggest contributors to the increase in the eye care industry are Zeaxanthin and Lutein, which are widely believed to be very involved in the development of eyes and can help to reduce the deterioration that comes with the normal aging process.


The likely increase in value in the market is coming at a time when the average person is dealing with many more eye related issues than ever before. Many of the most signification eye care issues are on the rise today. These can include glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and several other isuses. Many of these issues are far more common in people that are older. This is largely linked to the fact that life expectancy is continuing to increase, which has led to a continued increase in the eye related diseases.


Another factor that will continue to shape the industry in the future is the overall consumer trend towards healthier and more natural products. Eye care producers are now developing products that are made from organize and all natural products. While these products can be very helpful and are considered to be very healthy, they can also have a major impact on the wallet as they cost far more.

Eye Care Health in Pets: Ailments and Checkups

Owning a pet comes with great responsible one of which is health concerns, especially eye health. Unlike humans who can talk and tell you when there is something wrong with their eyes, animals can’t do this. Most eye problems in pets go unnoticed until it is too late. It is important to keep a keen eye on your pet’s eye health so as to deal with any eye problems as they arise.


Eye Ailments


Eye ailments in pets include eye infections, glaucoma, cataracts and eye injuries. Some of the signs and symptoms of eye problems in pets that you can look out for as a pet owner are bumping into things especially at night, squinting frequently, redness of the eye or gunky discharges. If you notice any of these, take your pet to the veterinarian immediately.


Eye Checkups


Vets are accustomed to visits and appointments related to the eye because one in ten trips to the vet is related to eye problems. An eye checkup for any pet involves thoroughly examining a pet’s eyes together with tissues surrounding the eyes. The nature of the problem determines the eye tests to be conducted.


To determine vision, the vet will look at the pet’s movements within the examination room or watching for eye movement when an object is tossed close to the eyes. A menace exam involves moving a finger towards the eye without poking it to see if the animal will show irritation. To determine if all is well with the retina, a pupillary light reflex test is conducted. The Schirmer tear test is carried out to determine if the pet’s eye is producing enough tears for the lubrication of the eyes. The fluorescein stain test is used to establish if there are any scratches to the eyes. The wounded areas will pick up the stain. Glaucoma is as a result of high pressure within the eyes. The condition is very painful and may be due to conditions such as diabetes.


Regular health checkups always help vets pick up any problems before the condition worsens. In the event that there is a problem, eyedrop medication may be recommended, or the animal may have to undergo surgery, just as in humans.


Research Shows that Using Nutrients in Lowering the Risk of Macular Degeneration Will Improve Eye Health



Our eyes are the most valuable parts of the bodies. Imagine how much you rely on them throughout your everyday life including using a computer, iPhone or iPad with a screen for extended periods of time. This is extremely stressful. Headaches and dry eyes can occur and lead to more extensive damage over time, but studies are discovering that there are natural ways of strengthening eyes and eliminating their problems.


Macular degeneration is considered to be the leading eye disease in men and women over 50. The June 2017 Journal of Ophthalmology clearly calculates the effect of certain nutrients and eating habits that positively affect and prevent risk for this common eye disease.


Leafy green veggies, fruits, beans, nuts, and fish are some of the top foods with nutrients and healthy oils that are beneficial for ocular muscles. Participants who ate a variety of these foods as part of a low-glycemic diet experienced the best results.


A low-glycemic diet is a low-carb diet that reduces white flour, white sugar, potatoes, and pasta because they produce high spikes in glucose levels, which is harmful to the body. Foods such as kale, broccoli, spinach, romaine lettuce, zucchini, peas and Brussel sprouts are all nutrient-filled green veggies that benefit the eyes.


Vitamins C and E, which supply the immune system, zinc, zeaxanthin, and lutein, which are recognized as having a good effect on eyes and omega-3 fatty acids, which create flexibility in the blood vessels for a better blood flow, have all been found to be beneficial and lower the risk of macular degeneration. These nutrients act as prevention for the eye, too.


Other risk factors besides tech screens include obesity, smoking, and individual genetic history. The positive note is that the research agrees that lowering the risks can be achieved by adopting the healthy behaviors.


As more research is conducted using nutrients and health-related solutions, more are being linked to keeping the eye healthy and working well.


Eye Expert Issues Warning About “Contact” Sleeping

Contact lenses are so convenient and comfortable that wearers may forget about them, even when they go to bed. However, one eye expert believes that such “contact” sleeping is an unhealthy and potentially harmful practice, and he has some facts to support his claim.

Dr. Thomas Steinemann, a spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, is critical of both the excessive use of contacts and the wearing of them while asleep. The threat is partially related to the way a contact lens covers the eye but also comes from infections that can result from the wearing of these corrective devices. This issue is discussed in great detail at www.buzzfeed.com/tag/eye_health.

According to Steinemann, contacts impair the flow of needed oxygen to the cornea, the invisible piece of tissue that covers and protects the eye. This phenomenon occurs whenever contacts are worn but is especially pronounced when the eyelid is closed while sleeping. He even recommends the periodic removal of lenses that have been approved for extended wear.

The overuse of contacts has been linked to keratitis, which is an inflammation of the cornea. The symptoms of this disorder include pain, eye redness, blurred vision and sensitivity to light. Keratitis affects hundreds of thousands of Americans every year, with the excessive use of contact lenses often the precipitating factor. An Australian study showed that those who sleep only occasionally while wearing their contacts are six times more likely to develop the disorder.

Contact lenses that are not regularly cleaned can worsen the situation by introducing into the cornea bacterial or parasitic infections. Steinemann suggests that contacts be cleaned with an approved solution and be removed before entering pools or hot tubs. Most importantly, he recommends against sleeping in them.


Brian Bonar’s vast experience as an engineer and entrepreneur

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Should You Sleep In Your Contact Lenses?

If you wear contacts on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that you’ve fallen asleep while wearing them. This practice is not recommended, but have you ever wondered why eye doctors warn against it? What exactly happens to your eyes when they are covered by contact lenses throughout the night?


When we’re asleep, there is less ambient oxygen exposed to the cornea. This is necessary for the cornea to stay healthy. We can still get this oxygen through the blood vessels, but the body produces less ambient oxygen during sleep. Contact lenses limit ambient oxygen even more, because there’s a barrier between the cornea and oxygen. This can lead to hypoxia, or a lack of oxygen in a specific region of the body. If you wear extended-wear contact lenses, the likelihood of this is reduced.


Wearing contacts overnight can also increase your risk of getting an eye infection. Wearing the lenses for too long makes it easier for bacteria to come in contact with the cornea. When your eyes are closed during sleep, you don’t have the ability to flush the toxins away, because you’re not blinking. Some bacteria can even cause your cornea to deteriorate. Wearing contact lenses for extended periods of time can also cause dry eyes, or make dry eye worse. When you’re not able to blink and produce more tears when dirt or debris enters your eyes, your eyes could become severely irritated, and you may have to stop wearing contacts altogether.


It’s best not to take a chance. Removing your contacts should be a normal part of your nightly routine. Doctors say this is the best option, even for patients that have extended wear contact lenses.


Common Problems associated with the Eye

A recent news article by journal times reported that people who want to maintain a clear vision and have a long term eye health should consider preventive care for the eye. According to doctors, the importance of routine eye care is that it’s responsible for identifying future eye problems. Also, people who visit a health specialist from time to time a likely to be aware of other health problems that may arise from eye issues with doctors estimating that there are over 50 related issues. The frequency that you visit a doctor is governed by the health of your eyes. If you have had good eye health since you can remember, your visit to the doctor will not be as often like those who experience eye problems from time to time. Doctors say that people who are more than 50 years should see eye specialists at least once in a year.



Things that doctors look for during a screening include macular degeneration, signs of cataracts as well as glaucoma. Doctors may also look for dry eyes. Younger people who are below the age of 50 can take two years if they don’t have one of the above problems. For starters, Glaucoma can be referred to as the extra pressure on the eyeball as people grow old. The effect of the Glaucoma is that it destroys the optic nerve hence resulting in gradual loss of eyesight. Mayo Clinic recently said that this condition is the leading cause of blindness in many people and can be controlled.


On the other hand, macular degeneration is another health problem affecting many Americans. This condition is as a result of the aging of the retina. The retina is part of the eye associated with storing images. As for cataracts, they make the lens opaque which results in blurred and poor vision. Cataracts don’t just manifest over a day, but they take months or even years to form fully. Proper diet and exercise are also key eye health.


Do Pets Need An Eye Doctor?

Kathy Ouelette knew that something was wrong when her 98-pound Rottweiler kept running into walls. She took her pet to the veterinarian who referred them to an eye specialist named Dr. Daniel Priehs. Dr. Paris is a veterinarian ophthalmologist. There are only about 400 in the entire country. Dr.Priehs diagnosed the dog with cataracts. This condition can eventually lead to blindness if it is left untreated.


Dr. Priehns eventually performed surgery on the dog. He put new lenses in the dog’s eyes. The dog, whose name is Bear, was able to regain his full vision within a few days of his surgery. He will have to use eye drops every day in order to keep his eyes moist.


There are over 30 eye ailments that can affect humans. Animals can develop many of these same eye conditions. This includes things such as cataracts, glaucoma and eye infections. However, it can be harder to diagnose eye problems in animals.


Some owners are able to observe changes in their dog’s behavior. This includes running into walls and squinting. The animal may also have discharge or redness in their eyes.


Cats can easily hide their vision problems. For example, they may use their whiskers to navigate throughout the house. That is why people who own a cat have to pay a lot of attention to them.


It is estimated that 10 percent of veterinarian visits are because of vision problems. Heredity puts many animals at risk for developing eye problems. However, there is no need to rush your pet to a specialist if you suspect that he or she has an eye problem. Take your animal to your regular vet. The vet will refer your animal to an eye specialist if necessary.


Great Dentists Think Alike

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company that is owned by dentists and it is made for dentists. This is a unique company that offers dental services to affiliated dentists and dental practice owners. MB2 Dental Solutions is a company that was created with the thought of working together because networking creates opportunity for better service. MB2 Dental provides services to help dentists to run their practice in a way that is efficient and caring. MB2 Dental Solutions realizes that when a dentist owns his or her own practice, they have a lot on their plate. MB2 Dental Solutions wants to help dentists get through the difficult process of finding quality services.

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Each year MB2 Dental Solutions makes it their goal to meet with different dental students who are excited to learn more about the dental industry. Their desire is to establish great relationships with these future dentists and introduce them to MB2 Dental Solutions. MB2 Dental desires to help these future dentists whether they work with them or not. They want to be sure that these future dentists know about all the different options that are available in the industry. MB2 Dental Solutions is happy to be able to connect with so many eager dental students, and their hope is to establish and nurture a lifelong relationship with them.

This event was held at Chelsea Corner at the Texas A&M College of Dentistry. Future and current dentists were able to exchange ideas while enjoying gourmet food and delicious drinks. It was truly an event that was life-changing for many up-in-coming dentists. Learn more about MB2 Dental on PR News Wire.

Is Lasik the Way to Go for Superior Vision?

Not many of us have perfect vision. As the years pass by, our vision becomes weaker and weaker, requiring a good majority of us to wear glasses or contact lenses. The problem with wearing glasses or contacts is that they can be expensive, time-consuming and annoying. No sooner do you put a contact lens in your eye, it’s already irritating you. You might wear glasses regularly and find that when they get dirty, you just want to take them off and throw them across the room. This is why so many individuals have considered the Lasik procedure.


Lasik is a revolutionary new procedure that enables you to have your vision corrected in as little as an hour or so. You will go to a Lasik center to have the procedure done, and general anesthesia is not required unless you request it. Once completed, your vision will slowly bur surely improve over the course of several months, eliminating the need for you to wear contacts or glasses at all. In some instances, you may still need to wear reading glasses when reading books, labels or trying to understand road signs, but this isn’t common for every patient who has had Lasik done.


Once you make the decision to have the procedure done, you’ll find that you benefit from it tremendously. It will save you a lot of money long-term because you’re no longer going through boxes of contacts or buying expensive frames from your doctor’s office. It is important that you make a trip to your local eye care professional to see if Lasik is right for you. Not everyone is a viable candidate for the surgery, so it’s important to have your eyes examined to ensure that it’s a good option for you. Once you’ve been approved, it’s just a matter of sitting in the office and having the work done, and then enjoying the fact that you have perfect vision for the rest of your life.