Lime Crime Creator Is An Advocate For Self Expression

With her vibrant colored hair and unique makeup looks, Doe Deere is hard to miss. The self-proclaimed “Queen of Unicorns” is the proud founder of Lime Crime, a vibrant and illustrious makeup line. Deere recently shared her personal story of success and challenges on her road to success in hopes of empowering others to stay true to themselves, and always… More →

Doe Deere and Lime Crime – The Secret of Her Success

You may not have heard of Doe Deere, but you may have heard of “Lime Crime,” the successful cosmetic line in which she is the founder and CEO. “Lime Crime” was created from Deere’s idea that beauty isn’t about what looks best, but what feels right at the moment. Make-up shouldn’t just be about concealing imperfections, but a way to… More →