Securus Technologies believes that happy inmates equal safe prisons

Throughout the U.S. prison system, the levels of crime that take place within the prisons themselves is often staggering. Guards spend a large portion of their time investigating crimes that have taken place within the prison itself. In fact, ongoing criminal activity within the nation’s prisons is one of the most serious threats that the institutions face to their safe… More →

Great Link between Inmates and Families by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies Inc is a provider of detainee communication, parolee tracking, and government information. The company is based in Atlanta Georgia and is one of the largest facilities in the region. Securus is currently serving over 2600 correctional facilities containing over 1000000 inmates nationwide. The company’s main headquarters is located in Dallas Texas. Additionally, it has four regional offices, one… More →

Securus Technologies – Offering a Wide Range of Products and Services to Correctional Facilities

For years, Securus Technologies has been a leader in the field of inmate communications and crime prevention technology because not only does it offer unique products and services, it continues to innovate, improvise, and improve upon the existing technologies. It helps the company to provide reliable and cost-efficient services to the end users. The inmates in the correctional facilities are… More →

Contributions of Securus Technologies towards Communication in the Correctional Agencies

Securus Technologies is the leading company on offering civil and criminal justice solutions in Texas with interests in Telecommunications, Data Analytics, Call Management Systems as well as Information Technology.   It started in 1986 with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and other regional offices in Carrollton, Allen and Atlanta Georgia. Their primary goal was to modernize the incarceration experience while… More →

Securus Technologies Releases Its First Code For 2016

Securus Technologies is a well-known provider of civil and also criminal justice technology solutions mostly for public safety, corrections, investigation and sometimes inmate communication monitoring. Recently the company announced that it will be releasing its first code for 2016. The institution is planning to expand and improve its entire platform. These changes will be expected to benefit correctional agencies, inmates… More →