The Health Mission of Jeff Aronin’s Paragon Biosciences

Famous healthcare entrepreneur, Jeff Aronin’s Paragon Biosciences is on a mission to make the patients live better and longer lives. It follows a simple strategy of understanding the patient needs, comprehends the mechanism behind diseases, and designs companies to address the unmet needs of the diseases as well as patients. This philosophy and process help the company to ramp up… More →

Heal-n-Soothe All-Natural Herbal Supplement for Joint Health and Muscle Aches

Overview Heal-n-Soothe combines all natural ingredients in a specifically designed formula to aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, sprains and muscle aches. Heal-n-Soothe is manufactured by the National Enzyme Company and is sponsored by the Healthy Back Institute. Heal-n-Soothe is sold by Living Well Nutraceuticals, a company who specializes in natural alternatives to pain relief… More →

Dr. Mark Holterman- Dedicated Physician and Successful Business Leader

Known for his tremendous passion, Dr. Mark Holterman has been impacting the medical world for quite some time. A graduate of the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Mark Holterman has more than three decades of experience. Holterman has spent much of his time working as a pediatric surgeon and currently teaches medical students at the University of Illinois College… More →

What Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Will Do To Curb The Opioid Epidemic

Opioid abuse is currently a public health emergency. Doctors in the United States have liberally prescribed opioids like Vicodin and OxyContin over the past twenty-plus years. To bring an end to this epidemic, creative solutions are required as soon as possible. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently joined forces with Pacira Pharmaceuticals to reduce the incidence of physical dependence… More →

A Closer Look at Coffee Effect and ORGANO Gold

For long, there have been studies about the limitation of coffee and health benefits. Also, coffee drinkers have hit the headlines claiming that their habit prolongs life. The Annals of Internal Medicine recently published two studies connecting drinking of coffee with reduction a bunch of diseases. The first study examined over 185,000 Americans and showed that coffee lowered the risk… More →

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Leading the Fight Against Cancer

**Update** 9.20.17 Read this testimonial article about Cancer Treatment Centers of America on The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with NantHealth and Allscripts in implementing a customized technical solution that will enable eviti which is a NantHealth clinical decision support tool access to clinical workflows in the electronic health record of Allscripts Sunrise. The collaboration is an… More →