Stream Energy Believes in the Power of Good Customer Service

Stream Energy knows what it means to have good customer service. They help all their customers and they work to give them all the things that allow them to feel good about the things they’re doing. Part of what they started doing when they began their company was giving customers all the options they needed. For Stream, the point of… More →

Betsy DeVos – An Education Secretary With Soul

America’s new Secretary of Education, Elisabeth Dee DeVos, is better known simply as “Betsy DeVos.” Although she’s recently stepped into probably her most important role, Betsy’s soul and talent have been immersed in philanthropy and education for decades. The Education Department is not the first political appointment for Betsy, as President George W. Bush appointed her to the Board of… More →

Jason Hope’s Philanthropic Initiatives and his Opinions on the Future of the IoT

Jason Hope is a world’s leading entrepreneur, active philanthropist, and futurist. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and has an unending passion for technology and making a real difference in the community. He has an admirable record of accomplishment in the world of academics. Hope is a proud alumnus of Arizona State University and ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, holding… More →

Dick DeVos Transcends Management, Investing, Basketball, and Education Reform

The reform of education is the arena I first became aware of the Michigan based business expert Dick DeVos; Dick and his wife Betsy have taken a great interest in making sure educational choices are available to students in the U.S. and beyond through their Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. However, as I read more about the work of Dick… More →