The ISO CEO Sheldon Lavin and His Company’s Bold Steps to Glory

Sheldon Lavin’s name is well praised in business circles due to his charming personality and sharp business mind and skills. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO and Chairman of the ISO Industries was recently honored with a Global Visionary Award, by the renowned Vision World Academy. This globally coveted award seeks to recognize the achievers in the society who pulled through hardships… More →

The Head Honcho That Won’t Stop, Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. Universities he attended were at Illinois, Northwestern, and Roosevelt, where Sheldon Lavin majored in accounting, finance, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Science. Sheldon Lavin had his own financial consulting firm for over 15 years, but in 1970 he became associated with Otto & Sons, Inc., which was the… More →

Sheldon Lavin Brought About The Changes That Vaulted OSI Group Into The Realm Of Global Food Powerhouse:

OSI Group has a history that stretches back over 100 years to the Chicago, Illinois suburb of Oak Park. In 1909, Otto Kowlschowsky opened a small, family operated meat market in the town and started to slowly grow his business. Otto eventually decided to move into the realm of wholesale meat distribution and slowly built his enterprise into a recognized… More →

How David McDonald Increased OSI Group’s Sustainability And Environmental Stewardship

David McDonald is a successful businessman who lives in Warrenville, Illinois. He grew up in the state of Iowa on a farm his parents owned. Wanting to continue the legacy of his family in the food industry he went to Iowa State University. He studied animal science and graduated in the class of 1987. Rather than return to the farm,… More →

OSI Group-One of the Family

Opened as a family owned butcher shop outside Chicago in 1909, Otto & Sons has grown into the premier global supplier of custom value-added food products it is known as today by cultivating its core values of integrity, teamwork and innovative solutions. Now operating in over 17 countries, OSI Group offers custom food solutions made to their customers precise specifications… More →

The Successful Career of David McDonald

David McDonald is the serving president of OSI Group. He is also the chief operating officer of the company. In the past, he served as the chairman of North American Institute after which, he became a board member at OSI Group. Apart from that, Dave McDonald is an independent director at Marfrig Global Foods in South Africa. Early Life and… More →

OSI Group: The Winning Solution In Custom-Food Solutions

Custom-food solutions are some of the most sought-after food products today. These items can be made from precise instructions and can be made with specific ingredients. When it comes to custom foods, these products will give you a unique taste, but all custom foods aren’t created equal. There are plenty of companies that specialize in this sector of business, but… More →

OSI Industries Is An Example Of The American Vision

OSI Industries began as a small family business. Otto Kolschowsky ran the company with his sons until the early 1950s. His children took over and continued to push the vision that their father had for establishing a brand within the meat manufacturing industry. Otto’s sons eventually hooked up with Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was leading the McDonald’s franchise at the… More →

David McDonald’s Excellent Business Portfolio

Big brands dominate the global food industry. Giant enterprises that have established their names in the food sector keep reaping the benefits of a globalized economy. One such establishment that has been around for years is OSI Group, LLC. The company has dominated the global food industry for decades. The company provides food solutions to some of the biggest fast… More →

The Continually Growing and Successful OSI Group

The American Company, OSI Group is a global company that provides quality products and custom solutions for the food industry. Worlds’ leading food companies rely on the OSI Group for appropriate solutions to their most complex food development and processing needs. With the group’s success and many achievements, food companies get to trust and count on the OSI industry. The… More →