Herbalife Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Better Serve Customers

Artificial Intelligence Has Been Accepted Artificial Intelligence is being seen more and more as a commercial advantage. The majority of fortune 500 CEOs are acknowledging AI as an important component to the future of their companies. Consumers are in line with this because they also believe AI is the wave of the future contributing to our health and wellbeing. They… More →

High Blood Pressure Biggest Risk Factor For Stroke

Every 40 seconds someone in America has a stroke. Someone dies from a stroke every four minutes. Stroke is the fifth-leading cause of death in the United States. In the past, stroke was a health problem that only affected older people. Today, people are having strokes at a younger age. A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is… More →

Maintaining a Healthy Stomach Bacteria

Many people think of stomach bacteria as something that only impacts digestion. While the primary role of stomach bacteria is to digest food, it does much more than just smooth the digestive process. It is believed that stomach bacteria problems may cause or worsen a host of physical problems such as inflammation, depression, diabetes, acne and obesity. If fact, as… More →

Hidden Sugar, Nutritional Labels, and Your Health

We all are aware that sugar is in soda, candy, and cake, but sugar hides in some seemingly safe foods like fruit yogurt, whole grain bread, and juices. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is changing the way food companies label the nutritional content. The change will add additional information by the total sugar measurements. The new line will state… More →

Mark Mofid: Redefining Gluteal Augmentation Industry

Mark Mofid is a famous doctor in the cosmetic medical industry. He was trained at John Hopkins University and Harvard University. Apart from the formal education, Mark Mofid portrays his abilities naturally as an innovator. His reputation has grown over time and this has won him great trust from his clients. He is also very particular with the medical practices… More →

Mark Mofid is Creating a Safer Future for Implant Patients

Gluteal augmentation does not normally garner a snappy headline, but Mark Mofid has changed that. When he entered the profession he saw an opportunity for improvement. His tendency to put the safety of the patient first has given him a stellar reputation, but he didn’t stop there. Seeing that the implants available were less than ideal, he put his tendency… More →

New Stem Cell Therapy May Reverse Half of All Cases of Blindness

Two elderly patients in the United Kingdom recently underwent a breakthrough form of stem cell therapy, restoring their eyesight and essentially reversing macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is an age-related eye disease that eventually leads to blindness. The disease is responsible for about 50% of all cases of blindness. The macula is the part of the eye that allows forward vision.… More →

The Development of Luxturna Brings Hope to Visually Impaired Patients

Jack Hogan, 13, was born with a rare genetic disorder that threatened his vision. Until today, he could not play baseball. Jack’s condition made him completely blind at night. As a result, he had to leave his friends before dark and go home. His parents lived with the knowledge that Jack would one day become blind unless a treatment became… More →