The Latest Eye Surgery Is Shocking The Medical Industry

In the medical industry today, it really is no surprise to hear about another medical advancement or breakthrough. Simply put, we have gotten so technologically and scientifically advanced that we are continuously and consistently producing new discoveries. Having said that, we can see why it would be a major deal to hear about a medical breakthrough that is shaking the… More →

Smile: The New Advancement in Laser Eye Surgery

It’s has been ages when Laser Eye Surgery began. The innovation of eye correction technique has been used to enhance vision. Many are times when one is bored of wearing eyeglasses simultaneously. This procedure comes as a second option from wearing eyeglasses. Laser eye surgery technique is globally recognized. Over 30million people have undergone the process for eye correction. Laser… More →

Blind Brit Teen Sees Through Spy Camera

A blind British teenager has regained some level of vision thanks to a specialized set of eyeglasses featuring a highly-advanced camera. The camera absorbs information and conveys it to the wearer through a computer-generated voice that the wearer hears through an earpiece. Charities see this as a godsend for the two million Britons coping with lost eyesight. While Connor Simpson,… More →

New Laser Surgery Can Get Rid Of Annoying Eye Floaters

A new study out of Wisconsin’s Eye Centers of Racine and Kenosha proves the YAG vitreolysis laser surgery procedure can be used to successfully remove eye floaters. This finding could soon change the way eye doctors treat this common eye problem. In total, 680 people who suffered from eye floaters participated in this study. All of these patients had the… More →

SMILE Offers Less Invasive Alternative to Laser Eye Surgery

Statistics show that roughly three in four Americans wear some type of corrective lens, according to the Vision Council of American (VCA). While contacts or glasses offer a simple solution to vision problems, they often interfere with the individual’s life. If you wear contacts, for instance, you’ll have to take them out every night before sleeping; otherwise, you run the… More →

Cutting-Edge Eye Surgery Brought to United Kingdom

Corrective eye surgery is a surprisingly ancient art. Ophthalmology, or the dedicated discipline of studying and healing the eyeball, appears in the ancient records of Babylon, and doctors in fifth century B.C. India were talented enough to reduce the impact of cataracts through corrective surgery. While methods of the past were crude, modern eye surgery has improved upon this significantly,… More →

Woman Goes in For Minor Eye Surgery, Doctors Locate 27 Pairs of Contact Lenses Instead

A doctor in the UK scheduled a routine cataract surgery for a woman who was experiencing symptoms from cataracts. The doctor placed her in the operating room where he found more than what he was bargaining for. What he found in the woman’s eye was instead a blue mass. This mass however was more than what he thought it was.… More →