Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Healthy with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are becoming all the rage nowadays with more and more people looking to get away from eyeglasses. If you’ve ever become tired of the problems associated with glasses, it might be time to give contact lenses a try. Unfortunately, many people who do not have much knowledge about how to take care of their contacts find that they… More →

Can Contacts Be Dangerous to Wear?

There are millions of contact lens wearers all throughout the world. Contacts are becoming the preferred method of correcting your vision because it’s much more comfortable and versatile than wearing a pair of eyeglasses. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous to wear contacts if you’re not taking care of them properly. The one thing that you need to understand when… More →

Dry Eye: A Step Closer to an Effective Medication

Shire, one of the leading drug manufacturing companies in the United States, is yet to roll out a new drug in the market to treat the dry eye condition. The drug is currently awaiting US regulatory approval, and if that’s granted, it will be the second drug in more than ten years to receive approval as medication for dry eye.… More →