The Digital Age Is Causing Havoc For Eye Health

Research by the Vision Council shows that 60% of Americans spend at least five hours each day using an electronic device. In today’s highly tech-based work and social life, it’s very easy to spend the day staring at a screen of some sort and not even realize it has been done. While mobile devices and computers are a standard part… More →

Record Case of Stuck Contact Lenses

The danger of not getting a regular eye exam was revealed recently when a 67-year-old woman with eye problems made the headlines. Just before she was about to undergo surgery for cataracts, the anesthetist discovered two large clumps of soft contact lenses stuck in her eye. The first clump had 17 of them. And the other clump had ten. Initially,… More →

Contact Danger

There are many people today who struggle with their eyes. Over time, your eyesight will start to decline as you age. One of the best ways to increase your vision is to wear contacts. A lot of people love the flexibility and innovation that this product brings to their life. In a recent news story, a lady found that she… More →

Doctors Help Patient Find The 17 Missing Contact Lenses She Lost

For years, a 67 year old British woman experienced eye discomfort. She didn’t think too much about it. She assumed that it was a symptom of getting older. That changed the day she showed up for cataract surgery. According to this article:, that grainy feeling she had been noticing was, in fact, 17 contact lenses that had become stuck… More →

Should You Sleep In Your Contact Lenses?

If you wear contacts on a daily basis, chances are you’ve fallen asleep wearing your contact lenses more than once. It’s common knowledge that eye doctors don’t support this practice, but how bad could wearing your contacts to bed really be?   It’s important to know how wearing contacts every day affects your body. The contact lens is a foreign… More →

Eye Care Health in Pets: Ailments and Checkups

Owning a pet comes with great responsible one of which is health concerns, especially eye health. Unlike humans who can talk and tell you when there is something wrong with their eyes, animals can’t do this. Most eye problems in pets go unnoticed until it is too late. It is important to keep a keen eye on your pet’s eye… More →

Research Shows that Using Nutrients in Lowering the Risk of Macular Degeneration Will Improve Eye Health   Our eyes are the most valuable parts of the bodies. Imagine how much you rely on them throughout your everyday life including using a computer, iPhone or iPad with a screen for extended periods of time. This is extremely stressful. Headaches and dry eyes can occur and lead to more extensive damage over time, but studies are discovering… More →

Eye Expert Issues Warning About “Contact” Sleeping

Contact lenses are so convenient and comfortable that wearers may forget about them, even when they go to bed. However, one eye expert believes that such “contact” sleeping is an unhealthy and potentially harmful practice, and he has some facts to support his claim. Dr. Thomas Steinemann, a spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, is critical of both the… More →

Common Problems associated with the Eye

A recent news article by journal times reported that people who want to maintain a clear vision and have a long term eye health should consider preventive care for the eye. According to doctors, the importance of routine eye care is that it’s responsible for identifying future eye problems. Also, people who visit a health specialist from time to time… More →