How To Protect Your Eyes From Eye Strain

Eye strain is a common problem in today’s world. The advances in technology is one of the reasons that eye strain has become more common. Fortunately, you can prevent eye strain by adjusting your computer and phone habits. Young adults today spend an average of five hours per day at the computer. If you watch television and work on the… More →

The Effects of Digital Screens on Eye Health

Staring at digital screens is bad for eye health. Almost everyone is using digital technology these days, whether it be computers, cellphones, or tablets. Many people use digital technology for work, while some use it to enjoy social media interactions. The problem with using this technology is the blue light emitted from the screens, which can cause damage to the… More →

Rwanda Introduces Eyecare Health for all of its citizens

Good news for the country of Rwanda and its more than 12 million citizens – the government has promised to provide universal eye care for each and every one of them. Vision For A Nation The Rwandan government in an act unprecedented so far in the history among poor countries around the world, has partnered up with a national organization… More →

SMILE Offers Less Invasive Alternative to Laser Eye Surgery

Statistics show that roughly three in four Americans wear some type of corrective lens, according to the Vision Council of American (VCA). While contacts or glasses offer a simple solution to vision problems, they often interfere with the individual’s life. If you wear contacts, for instance, you’ll have to take them out every night before sleeping; otherwise, you run the… More →

Rwanda Is The First Poor Country To Provide Health Care

Rwanda is home to 12 million people. It is a low-income country, but it has managed to provide free eye care to everyone who lives in the country. The government has partnered with Vision for a Nation. This organization has 502 health centers and 3,000 eye care nurses. The Vision for a Nation prescribes glasses to people. It also refers… More →

Rwanda Offers Universal Eye Health Care

This is encouraging news in the field of eye health coming out of Rwanda. A recent article published by The Guardian announced that Rwanda is officially the first low-income country to offer eye care for its entire population of 12 million people. Through a partnership with Vision for a Nation (VFAN), the government of Rwanda is able to rely on… More →


If you think about it, vision is consciously our most used sense. We use all of our senses of course, but we mainly interpret the world around us through what we see. However, many of us take our eyes for granted especially those who do not have to wear contacts or glasses. Despite having great vision in your youth, your… More →

A Daily Cup Of Hot Tea Could Significantly Improve Eye Health, New Study Suggests

A new study put out by UCLA and Brown University found that people who drink hot tea every day have a reduced risk of developing glaucoma. Scientists sent out 1,600 surveys asking study participants questions concerning their drinking habits and eye health. After analyzing all of the data, researchers found that people who drank just one cup of hot tea… More →