If you think about it, vision is consciously our most used sense. We use all of our senses of course, but we mainly interpret the world around us through what we see. However, many of us take our eyes for granted especially those who do not have to wear contacts or glasses. Despite having great vision in your youth, your… More →

A Daily Cup Of Hot Tea Could Significantly Improve Eye Health, New Study Suggests

A new study put out by UCLA and Brown University found that people who drink hot tea every day have a reduced risk of developing glaucoma. Scientists sent out 1,600 surveys asking study participants questions concerning their drinking habits and eye health. After analyzing all of the data, researchers found that people who drank just one cup of hot tea… More →

Farsightedness In Young Kids May Cause Attention Deficit

The fact that some children are farsighted is nothing new, but now groundbreaking research shows that children who suffer from hyperopia may also have a more difficult time paying attention. The possible link between farsighted children and how well they pay attention has never been made before. The news could have a significant impact not just on the learning ability… More →

Green Tea May Lower Glaucoma In At Risk Patients

A recent small study came out that discovered a correlation between drinking caffeinated tea and lowering the risk for individuals developing glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition in which the intraocular pressure of excess fluid can build up inside the eye, leading to damage to the ocular never causing permanent damage to the vision. The statistics show that only caffeinated tea… More →

Eye Doctors Say Citrus Foods Are The Best For Overall Eye Health

New studies suggest that citrus foods are the absolute best for eye health. Ophthalmologists say the main reason citrus fruits are so great for the eyes is because they are rich in vitamin C. Among other things, vitamin C helps prevent inflammation in the eyes. This is extremely helpful in warding off diseases like cataracts and glaucoma. More vitamin C… More →

Cutting-Edge Eye Surgery Brought to United Kingdom

Corrective eye surgery is a surprisingly ancient art. Ophthalmology, or the dedicated discipline of studying and healing the eyeball, appears in the ancient records of Babylon, and doctors in fifth century B.C. India were talented enough to reduce the impact of cataracts through corrective surgery. While methods of the past were crude, modern eye surgery has improved upon this significantly,… More →

The Digital Age Is Causing Havoc For Eye Health

Research by the Vision Council shows that 60% of Americans spend at least five hours each day using an electronic device. In today’s highly tech-based work and social life, it’s very easy to spend the day staring at a screen of some sort and not even realize it has been done. While mobile devices and computers are a standard part… More →