Can You Toss The Sunglasses With These New Transitional Contact Lenses

Self-tinting transitional eyeglass lenses are nothing new, but according to a published report on Buzzfeed, the FDA has approved transitional contact lenses, which can be used in place of sunglasses.   The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given the go-ahead to Johnson & Johnson Vision Care to launch the first transitional contact lens. Their line of Acuvue lens will… More →

Take Eye Health Innovations into Consideration

Eye health is a topic that many people don’t pay much attention to these days. With rapid innovations in the technological world, millions of people are experience eye complications and many don’t get the right remedies if affected. Vision loss is a common problem on the global platform. Millions of American adults are known to experience certain form of vision… More →

Scientists Release 3D Printed Human Corneas

Scientists at the Newcastle University have released 3D-printed human corneas, making way for 3D technology to be used in the production of human corneas in the future. This will ultimately help meet the huge demand for human corneas. These new version of human corneas is designed for improve vision focus. The innovation comes at a time when there are over… More →

10 Million People Might See Clearly Again in the Near Future

Medical transplants have revolutionized the field. Hospitals have been able to provide hope to people who would otherwise have lost everything. And countless people have been able to live full and happy lives as a result of a donor’s gift. But the system is far from optimal. There’s almost always far more people who need a transplant than there are… More →

Big Strides In Vision Care: These Aren’t Your Mom’s Contact Lenses

Over 500 years ago Leonardo Da Vinci invented the first contact lens. His original design was very rudimentary as it was made of glass and covered the whole eye, not just the cornea. They’ve made progress by leaps and bounds in the contact lens arena since then. Here are just a few examples of the new innovations today in contact… More →

The Latest Eye Surgery Is Shocking The Medical Industry

In the medical industry today, it really is no surprise to hear about another medical advancement or breakthrough. Simply put, we have gotten so technologically and scientifically advanced that we are continuously and consistently producing new discoveries. Having said that, we can see why it would be a major deal to hear about a medical breakthrough that is shaking the… More →

Hydrogel Developed To Support Eye Health

A research team at British Columbia University have successfully developed a hydrogel that is capable of providing the eye with needed medications and may be a viable treatment for both glaucoma and macular degeneration. Delivering drugs to the eye has been problematic with eye health as drops tend to have to run off to achieve maximum benefits and many times,… More →

3 Innovations in Eye Healthcare

Many people all over the world struggle daily with visual impairments and eye disease. Some of the eye conditions are inherent. Thanks to technological innovation and scientific research, their many discoveries in eye treatment today. Restoration of Eyesight Recent research into losing of eyes right shows that stimulation of the nerves of the eyes can help restore eyesight for blind… More →

Neutraceutical claims to improve near-sightedness

Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, affects millions of people across the country. Contacts lenses and eyeglasses correct the condition. More expensive solutions include lasik eye surgery. While these solutions are normally safe and effective, some people seek other solutions. Neutraceuticals are often controversial products that may or may not offer solutions. One neutraceutical maker is marketing a product called Extra… More →