Take Eye Health Innovations into Consideration

Eye health is a topic that many people don’t pay much attention to these days. With rapid innovations in the technological world, millions of people are experience eye complications and many don’t get the right remedies if affected. Vision loss is a common problem on the global platform. Millions of American adults are known to experience certain form of vision… More →

Cutting-Edge Eye Surgery Brought to United Kingdom

Corrective eye surgery is a surprisingly ancient art. Ophthalmology, or the dedicated discipline of studying and healing the eyeball, appears in the ancient records of Babylon, and doctors in fifth century B.C. India were talented enough to reduce the impact of cataracts through corrective surgery. While methods of the past were crude, modern eye surgery has improved upon this significantly,… More →

The Digital Age Is Causing Havoc For Eye Health

Research by the Vision Council shows that 60% of Americans spend at least five hours each day using an electronic device. In today’s highly tech-based work and social life, it’s very easy to spend the day staring at a screen of some sort and not even realize it has been done. While mobile devices and computers are a standard part… More →

How Gene Therapy Treats Inherited Retinal Diseases

The U.S Food and Drug Administration in October 2017 revealed their plans to recommend gene therapy as a way to treat inherited retinal diseases. These diseases usually cause a gradual loss of sight that eventually leads to total blindness.     What are Inherited Retinal Diseases (IRDs)?     Inherited retinal diseases (IRDs) are rare eye problems that are caused… More →

Recent News Article About Eye Health/ Innovations

Failure is the mother of all success; Google has faced major setbacks in trying to launch a social network to rival Facebook. But none the less that did not deter Google from achieving their set goals. It seems Google has something to show for all their hard work.     In an interview by the Congress Google, Facebook and Twitter… More →

Eye Health Innovations That Are Creating a Better World Faster

When spectacles came to existence, people with eye problems were happy for having yet another chance to see again. Many would think that that was the end of eye health innovation, then came the contact lenses and intra-ocular lenses that served the purpose even better. But with technology quickly changing, there can always be more to hope for. The use… More →

Suppressing of Key Eye Health Innovations

themselves from competition by harnessing the state powers. Most people argue against this fact, yet it is a widespread phenomenon. The occurrence of this situation inflicts losses to the general public. A recent example is an aggressive campaign by the American Optometric Association (AOA) to fight the innovations that currently provide accurate eye tests and length prescriptions to United State… More →