New Laser Surgery Can Get Rid Of Annoying Eye Floaters

A new study out of Wisconsin’s Eye Centers of Racine and Kenosha proves the YAG vitreolysis laser surgery procedure can be used to successfully remove eye floaters. This finding could soon change the way eye doctors treat this common eye problem. In total, 680 people who suffered from eye floaters participated in this study. All of these patients had the… More →

Blink Reflex Technology May Provide New Tool To Identity Concussions

Dena Garner, Ph.D and Citadel professor of health, exercise, and sport science teamed up with Nancey Trevanian Tsai, M.D., and Medical University of South Carolina clinical assistant professor of neurosurgery to conduct a study on a new device that may use the eyes to fill the void in objectively measuring the severity and outcome of concussions and other traumatic brain… More →

How To Protect Your Eyes From Eye Strain

Eye strain is a common problem in today’s world. The advances in technology is one of the reasons that eye strain has become more common. Fortunately, you can prevent eye strain by adjusting your computer and phone habits. Young adults today spend an average of five hours per day at the computer. If you watch television and work on the… More →

Rwanda Introduces Eyecare Health for all of its citizens

Good news for the country of Rwanda and its more than 12 million citizens – the government has promised to provide universal eye care for each and every one of them. Vision For A Nation The Rwandan government in an act unprecedented so far in the history among poor countries around the world, has partnered up with a national organization… More →

Rwanda Is The First Poor Country To Provide Health Care

Rwanda is home to 12 million people. It is a low-income country, but it has managed to provide free eye care to everyone who lives in the country. The government has partnered with Vision for a Nation. This organization has 502 health centers and 3,000 eye care nurses. The Vision for a Nation prescribes glasses to people. It also refers… More →

Rwanda Offers Universal Eye Health Care

This is encouraging news in the field of eye health coming out of Rwanda. A recent article published by The Guardian announced that Rwanda is officially the first low-income country to offer eye care for its entire population of 12 million people. Through a partnership with Vision for a Nation (VFAN), the government of Rwanda is able to rely on… More →

Rwandan Government Provides Vision Services to All Citizens

Despite having over 12 million people within its borders, Rwanda has successfully become the first third world country to provide universal eye-care to its citizenry. Partnering with the Vision for a Nation organization, the Rwandan government managed to train over 3,000 eye care nurses all across the country’s health centers, having them visit all of the 15,000 Rwandan villages across… More →

Eye Doctors Say Citrus Foods Are The Best For Overall Eye Health

New studies suggest that citrus foods are the absolute best for eye health. Ophthalmologists say the main reason citrus fruits are so great for the eyes is because they are rich in vitamin C. Among other things, vitamin C helps prevent inflammation in the eyes. This is extremely helpful in warding off diseases like cataracts and glaucoma. More vitamin C… More →