The Digital Age Is Causing Havoc For Eye Health

Research by the Vision Council shows that 60% of Americans spend at least five hours each day using an electronic device. In today’s highly tech-based work and social life, it’s very easy to spend the day staring at a screen of some sort and not even realize it has been done. While mobile devices and computers are a standard part… More →

Scientists Engineer Beetle With Third Eye

While mice and other common lab subjects aren’t direct analogues for humans, many vital discoveries have been made through animal testing. Beyond pharmaceuticals and behavioral analysis, this has surprisingly extended into the world of genetic engineering. In 1997, scientists shocked the world by successfully growing a cartilage composed ear-like structure on the back of a mouse, first demonstrating the possibility… More →

Recent News Article About Eye Health/ Innovations

Failure is the mother of all success; Google has faced major setbacks in trying to launch a social network to rival Facebook. But none the less that did not deter Google from achieving their set goals. It seems Google has something to show for all their hard work.     In an interview by the Congress Google, Facebook and Twitter… More →

Scientists Testing Gene Therapy as a Retinal Disease Cure

The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports on a new form of FDA-recommended treatment being researched relating to hereditary blinding retinal disease, and how they might finally be cured through the use of gene therapy. These treatments would target mutations in the RPE65 gene which has been known to cause early onset blindness in those affected from Leber’s congenital amaurosis, retinitis… More →

It is not just the Color of the Eyes, But the size of the Limbal Ring

People will tend to judge others based on the appearance of their eyes. The presence of a limbal ring is something that has always been overlooked, though unknowingly – we use it to judge how young, healthy, or even attractive someone is.     What is a Limbal Ring?     The limbal ring is a single or multiple dark… More →

Importance of Therapy Treatment in Retinal Diseases

According to a recent article written by Kiersten Boyd on 30th October 2017 and reviewed by Abdhish R Bhavsar MD, people suffering from any form of the retinal disease that causes their blindness may regain their vision with the arrival of a new gene therapy treatment.   Treatment of some inherited retinal diseases as a result of the RPE65 mutating… More →

Eye Innovations for People Suffering from Blindness or Visual Impairment

The National Eye Institute recently highlighted new eye health innovations aimed at assisting people suffering from blindness or low vision. Many of these innovations are aimed at helping people who have lost their vision to accomplish simple daily tasks like crossing busy streets and navigating office buildings. A majority of the innovations are taking advantage of computer vision. This is… More →

BBC Warns That Nerf Guns Could Lead To Devestation in Eye Health

In a recent article regarding eye health published by the BBC News Outlet, contributors warned that bullets purchased by families for the Nerf toy gun can be incredibly damaging to individuals of all ages. The article listed several incidents where adults and children suffered extreme eye injuries after being shot in the eye with the toy gun pellets. As a… More →