Can You Toss The Sunglasses With These New Transitional Contact Lenses

Self-tinting transitional eyeglass lenses are nothing new, but according to a published report on Buzzfeed, the FDA has approved transitional contact lenses, which can be used in place of sunglasses.   The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given the go-ahead to Johnson & Johnson Vision Care to launch the first transitional contact lens. Their line of Acuvue lens will… More →

Big Strides In Vision Care: These Aren’t Your Mom’s Contact Lenses

Over 500 years ago Leonardo Da Vinci invented the first contact lens. His original design was very rudimentary as it was made of glass and covered the whole eye, not just the cornea. They’ve made progress by leaps and bounds in the contact lens arena since then. Here are just a few examples of the new innovations today in contact… More →

New Campaign to Recycle Contact Lenses and Materials

Valeant Pharmaceuticals, parent company of Bausch + Lomb, recently announced the status of its unique contact lens recycling program, which seeks to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the eye health industry. According to a press release published by financial news website MarketWatch, the ONE Recycling program managed by Bausch Lomb has thus far collected more than 2.5 million used… More →

Record Case of Stuck Contact Lenses

The danger of not getting a regular eye exam was revealed recently when a 67-year-old woman with eye problems made the headlines. Just before she was about to undergo surgery for cataracts, the anesthetist discovered two large clumps of soft contact lenses stuck in her eye. The first clump had 17 of them. And the other clump had ten. Initially,… More →

Contact Danger

There are many people today who struggle with their eyes. Over time, your eyesight will start to decline as you age. One of the best ways to increase your vision is to wear contacts. A lot of people love the flexibility and innovation that this product brings to their life. In a recent news story, a lady found that she… More →

Woman Wears Contacts for 27 Years and Loses Them On Her Eyes

A 67 year old woman has been wearing contacts for much of her life. Recently she went in for cataract surgery but what they found was far more fascinating. The woman had never once complained about experiencing any kind of irritation prior to the day of surgery. What they found were 27 layers of contacts on her eyes. 27 Contact… More →

Should You Sleep In Your Contact Lenses?

If you wear contacts on a daily basis, chances are you’ve fallen asleep wearing your contact lenses more than once. It’s common knowledge that eye doctors don’t support this practice, but how bad could wearing your contacts to bed really be?   It’s important to know how wearing contacts every day affects your body. The contact lens is a foreign… More →

Report Concludes That Contact Lenses Are Safe For Youths

Many children and teenagers are opting for soft contact lenses instead of traditional glasses. An article from reveals a report on how safe they are. The report was originally printed in the official journal of the American Academy of Optometry, states the article. Dr. Mark A. Bullimore of Huston College of Optometry conducted the report.   The published results… More →

The Excellent Contributions of Amicus Therapeutics to the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Amicus Therapeutics Inc. is an internationally recognized biotechnology firm that has specialized in developing advanced therapies that can be used in curing a variety of life-threatening rare and orphan diseases. The company has currently developed several treatments for different human genetic diseases. Amicus’ main offices are located in Cranbury, New Hersey, The firm has been publicly traded since 2007, and… More →