The Excellent Contributions of Amicus Therapeutics to the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Amicus Therapeutics Inc. is an internationally recognized biotechnology firm that has specialized in developing advanced therapies that can be used in curing a variety of life-threatening rare and orphan diseases. The company has currently developed several treatments for different human genetic diseases. Amicus’ main offices are located in Cranbury, New Hersey, The firm has been publicly traded since 2007, and… More →

Why I choose Beneful for my dogs

I have been a dog owner for the last few years, and my dogs are pretty much family members to me. I own 2 dogs. One is Lu Lu, and the other one is Golfie. They have been my best friends ever since they were just little puppies. Lu Lu is 4 years old, and Golfie is 5 years old.… More →