Computer System Reported To Have Found Examples Of Melanomas Much Quicker Than A Medically-Trained Dermatologist

There is no question we continue to be surrounded by computers, and it seems with each passing day they get more and more intelligent. In recent news, an artificial intelligence app was able to correctly diagnose cases of skin cancer 95% of the time, which outpaced a panel of human dermatologists, who were only able to correctly diagnose skin cancer… More →

Computer Is More Accurate Than Humans At Detecting Cancer

Computers are advancing and are even seeming to surpass human intelligence. A convolutional learning network, also called a CNN, was tested against 58 dermatologists. These dermatologists had different levels of expertise in the field. More than half were experts with at least five years of experience. 48% of these dermatologists had less than five years of experience. The CNN was… More →