Mike Baur achievements as an investor and  entrepreneur

Mike Baur is a prominent entrepreneur and businessman. He had spent about two decades in the Swiss Private Banking. He didn’t stop there but prospered and became a UBS commercial apprentice and found his way up to a management role in one of the Swiss Private Banks as the executive board member. In 2014, Mike Baur commenced the entrepreneurial journey… More →

Stream Energy Believes in the Power of Good Customer Service

Stream Energy knows what it means to have good customer service. They help all their customers and they work to give them all the things that allow them to feel good about the things they’re doing. Part of what they started doing when they began their company was giving customers all the options they needed. For Stream, the point of… More →

Shervin Pishevar Sees Unicorns Becoming Too Powerful

After a brief hiatus from social media amid swirling rumors at his company, Sherpa Capital, Shervin Pishevar emerged from the shadows to discuss the future of the United States in terms of its economy, as well as globalism, and the increasing powers of competitive regions around the world. Shervin Pishevar’s return to Twitter was not the average rant, but more… More →

Making Money with the Help of Market America

Earning money at home has always been a challenge, and one that many people are not able to do on their own. If you’ve been struggling to keep your local job or just find it too difficult to balance home life with a local career, you need to know about Market America. Working from home is finally easy and quick… More →

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, What Makes It So Special?

One of the top selling items in any grocery store is water. Who would have thought that any society in the United States would be buying and paying top dollar for water? Well, as the earth becomes more and more polluted and unsettled, drinking water is becoming a much needed item. Many of the water companies are fighting long and… More →

Talk Fusion is always striving to stay ahead of their competitors

For any company in the technology industry, staying afloat is much dependent on continued creativity, innovation, and competitive nature. Lack of these traits is a recipe for failure. Companies like talk fusion have developed ways to stay relevant in the business by visiting ahead of their competition at all times and continuously improving on their products.   Talk Fusion Talk… More →

Dr. Mark Mckenna Is Finding New Markets By Mixing Business With His Medical Expertise

People all over the world take have a use for the medical field in some way or another. The medical industry has become huge today and continues to grow with new technologies and discoveries. Dr. Mark Mckenna is one such doctor who is helping to improve and expand the industry. Mark has spent many years practicing his medical abilities and… More →

OSI Group-One of the Family

Opened as a family owned butcher shop outside Chicago in 1909, Otto & Sons has grown into the premier global supplier of custom value-added food products it is known as today by cultivating its core values of integrity, teamwork and innovative solutions. Now operating in over 17 countries, OSI Group offers custom food solutions made to their customers precise specifications… More →

Sussex Health Care Is Looking For More Caregivers

Sussex Health Care recently announced its plans to hire more caregivers. The company has 23 care homes in its network, and they are scattered across Sussex. Open positions are listed on the company’s site. There are caregiver positions available in Crawley, Uckfield, Billingshurst, Horsham, East Grinstead and Henfield. The main part of the company is in Horsham. In some locations,… More →

With Luminesce, Jeunesse Global is making a serious run at the moisturizer niche

Many household consumer products are more or less interchangeable. This is arguably the case with everything from dish soap to paper clips. But when it comes to beauty products, not all brands are created equal. When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis started Jeunesse Global in 2009, they wanted to create a company that would produce the most unique and effective… More →