Businessman David J. Osio leaves a big mark on the global philanthropy stage

David Osio is an expert on financial counsel, as well as a well-renowned philanthropist. His support of medical research, art and music, as well as the community has been long noted around the whole world. He has built this reputation over two decades of constant collaboration with many non-profit organizations, which deal with bettering the lives of people through culture,… More →

The Entrepreneurial Abilities and Business Acumen of Don Ressler

It requires a lot of dedication, research, and inventiveness to establish a successful fashion business. The rapidly changing customers’ lifestyle preference and needs, fluctuating prices, the rapid shift from one trend to another makes beauty and fashion not only a challenging but also a competitive sector. Don Ressler is a proficient entrepreneur who has managed to cement a top position… More →

The Man Who Sacrificed His Wealth to Fight Autism Disease.

Shah Sanjay is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital and he also owns other companies in London, Dubai, Cayman Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. Solo Capital is a popular financial institution which is regulated by the United Kingdom. The company was given two names; Solo Capital Limited or Solo Capital UK before they were incorporated to become one… More →

Shaygan Kheradpir as the New CEO of Coriant

Coriant is an independent telecom company that provides services like network management, MSPP solutions, and telecommunications to customers. The company is fairly new, as they only have 3,000 employees, yet they still are helping so many people in terms of technology by selling products and softwares that are allowing people to become more efficient in all they do. The company… More →

The Citadel built by Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin is the CEO and founder of Citadel, which is an investment company. This company is one of the leaders in current key financial markets around the world. They are constantly searching resolutely to discover and utilize new prospects. Citadel uses a variety of investment approaches to meet their goals and provide the most opportunity to the clients who… More →

A Brief Bio on Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth Griffin Ken Griffin got started in the trading business when he was a student at Harvard back in 1987. He was equipped with all the tools he needed that would ultimately lead him to become head CEO of Citadel corporation. Because of his talented skills, Mr. Griffin caught the attention of head pioneer on and co-founder of Glenwood… More →