Dr. Mark Mofid Is Changing Plastic Surgery For The Better

Dr. Mark Mofid is pretty much an expert in gluteal augmentations, which are always intramuscular implants as of today. In nearly all cases, Mark doesn’t enlarge the normal size of the buttocks for patients, but rather improve shape and ratio. Nearly a decade ago, Mark was caught up on how the implants of the day were highly problematic and caused… More →

Jeunesse Global Product Review

Enhancing the Youth Enhancement Industry 2009 was a year of great change, or it at least filled its part in a sequence of important years in our technological development — think smartphones. However, not many people know yet about the health company that came to be that very year on none other than September 9, right on the dot at… More →

The Skin Whitening Cream That Should Be a Permanent Staple in Your Beauty Regimen

Unlike most skin care brands that treat the symptoms of dark spots and uneven skin tones Makari treats the underlying condition.Since its conception Makari has focused its energy on creating an all natural skin lightening cream products that’s aimed primarily towards women and men of color.All of their products are made with argan and carrot oil.However, an ingredient that you… More →