Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalh Knows What it Takes to Be A Successful Lawyer in Brazil

Do you want to be a lawyer? How about being a lawyer in Brazil like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho? You will not be alone in wanting to be a lawyer as many Brazilians themselves want to be a lawyer. If that does not deter you from being a Brazilian lawyer like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, then this is… More →

A Preview Into The Life And Achievements Of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a renowned advocate who is also a co-founder of Fagali advocacy. He holds a Bachelors of Law degree and has worked with different ethics and advertising agencies. Apart from holding credentials as a successful attorney, he has also come out as an expert on matters advertising, particularly working with NOVA as their Corporate Integrity Manager in the… More →

SEC Whistleblower Attorneys

Since 2010, the importance of American financial regulation has increased. With more and more people coming from all different parts of the economy reporting violations and problems with the federal securities laws, there has been more reform then there has been for almost one hundred years. The Dodd-Frank Act put out by Congress allows for the Securities and Exchange Commission… More →