Researchers Create 3D Printed Cornea

The University of Newcastle has launched the first 3D printed cornea, being the outmost layer of the eye; it will enhance better vision in future. Currently, there is a shortage of corneas around the world, and there are many people in dire need of a transplant. More than ten million people worldwide require surgery to prevent blindness and other eye… More →

Scientists Release 3D Printed Human Corneas

Scientists at the Newcastle University have released 3D-printed human corneas, making way for 3D technology to be used in the production of human corneas in the future. This will ultimately help meet the huge demand for human corneas. These new version of human corneas is designed for improve vision focus. The innovation comes at a time when there are over… More →

10 Million People Might See Clearly Again in the Near Future

Medical transplants have revolutionized the field. Hospitals have been able to provide hope to people who would otherwise have lost everything. And countless people have been able to live full and happy lives as a result of a donor’s gift. But the system is far from optimal. There’s almost always far more people who need a transplant than there are… More →

3D Print Technology Offers Hope to Those Suffering From Corneal Disease

For those suffering from corneal eye disease or injury, the world can be a very dark and blurry place. A breakthrough at Britain’s Newcastle University where researchers have developed a process to 3D print a human cornea now offers hope to millions. The cornea, the clear covering over the front of the eye, protects the eye and is critical to… More →