3D Print Technology Offers Hope to Those Suffering From Corneal Disease

For those suffering from corneal eye disease or injury, the world can be a very dark and blurry place. A breakthrough at Britain’s Newcastle University where researchers have developed a process to 3D print a human cornea now offers hope to millions. The cornea, the clear covering over the front of the eye, protects the eye and is critical to… More →

The Latest Eye Surgery Is Shocking The Medical Industry

In the medical industry today, it really is no surprise to hear about another medical advancement or breakthrough. Simply put, we have gotten so technologically and scientifically advanced that we are continuously and consistently producing new discoveries. Having said that, we can see why it would be a major deal to hear about a medical breakthrough that is shaking the… More →


Google latest developments with artificial intelligence and how it can be used to help healthcare providers identify patient’s that may be suffering from heart diseases, stroke and other health related illnesses that will occur with in the next five years of the patient life. Recent studies indicates the accuracy of Google’s Artificial Intelligence unique algorithm and it’s ability to diagnose… More →

Hydrogel Developed To Support Eye Health

A research team at British Columbia University have successfully developed a hydrogel that is capable of providing the eye with needed medications and may be a viable treatment for both glaucoma and macular degeneration. Delivering drugs to the eye has been problematic with eye health as drops tend to have to run off to achieve maximum benefits and many times,… More →

3 Innovations in Eye Healthcare

Many people all over the world struggle daily with visual impairments and eye disease. Some of the eye conditions are inherent. Thanks to technological innovation and scientific research, their many discoveries in eye treatment today. Restoration of Eyesight Recent research into losing of eyes right shows that stimulation of the nerves of the eyes can help restore eyesight for blind… More →

Neutraceutical claims to improve near-sightedness

Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, affects millions of people across the country. Contacts lenses and eyeglasses correct the condition. More expensive solutions include lasik eye surgery. While these solutions are normally safe and effective, some people seek other solutions. Neutraceuticals are often controversial products that may or may not offer solutions. One neutraceutical maker is marketing a product called Extra… More →

Clay Hutson is a rare gem

Clay Hutson of Nashville, Tennessee has been occupied with music since he was a young man. Clay found that he was a characteristic business person, and he was fruitful in his undertaking. His business developed rapidly alongside his notoriety for immaculate and dependable work. He, in the long run, picked the music business. Days have been spent running the floor… More →

Meet Tony Petrello, CEO Of Nabors Industries With A Maths And Law Background

Tony Petrello is among very few corporate executives with an out of the blues story and background, the kind that will attract Hollywood to their doorstep. Tony grew up in a humble environment in Newark, New Jersey where he attended public school. According to his friends and former classmates, Petrello was the typical New Jersey kid with the usual accent… More →