Whitney Wolf Herd Creates Bumble Bizz To Take Networking To A New Level

Whitney Wolf Herd has gone beyond dating with Bumble Bizz. This is a networking space for careers inside of the Bumble app. This operates using the standard swipes for yes or no regarding matches, but the woman must make the first move. The difference is with Bumble Bizz, this is not for a first date but rather career mentors and… More →

The Brain behind Joao Pessoa Entertainment- Roberto Santiago

We all need to relax after a long week of hard work. This helps in re-energizing our body. Research has shown that people who take time off their usual schedule are more productive compared to the individuals who work all the time. People of Joao Pessoa had been denied this luxury for a very long time. This was because of… More →

End Citizen United Discloses Additional Foreign Financiers Of The 2016 USA Elections

According to End Citizens United, it is conclusive that there was an external interference with the United States 2016 election by a Russian company. It is said that the company associated with Kremlin purchased ads with the aim of influencing the election. According to the USA election laws, foreign entities should not, by any means spend in political campaigns. However,… More →

A Preview Into The Life And Achievements Of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a renowned advocate who is also a co-founder of Fagali advocacy. He holds a Bachelors of Law degree and has worked with different ethics and advertising agencies. Apart from holding credentials as a successful attorney, he has also come out as an expert on matters advertising, particularly working with NOVA as their Corporate Integrity Manager in the… More →

Securus Technologies believes that happy inmates equal safe prisons

Throughout the U.S. prison system, the levels of crime that take place within the prisons themselves is often staggering. Guards spend a large portion of their time investigating crimes that have taken place within the prison itself. In fact, ongoing criminal activity within the nation’s prisons is one of the most serious threats that the institutions face to their safe… More →