Herbalife Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Better Serve Customers

Artificial Intelligence Has Been Accepted

Artificial Intelligence is being seen more and more as a commercial advantage. The majority of fortune 500 CEOs are acknowledging AI as an important component to the future of their companies. Consumers are in line with this because they also believe AI is the wave of the future contributing to our health and wellbeing. They are also finding AI as a way of life, that gives them better shopping and service experiences. Herbalife is using AI to make their customers experiences much better. One of the ways Herbalife is doing this is by using intelligent personal assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. They are using these assistants to be able to provide product information to their customers on an as needed basis. They will be focused on frequently asked questions and being able to provide this information in an easy and convenient way, using a product that most customers already interact with daily.


Distributor Benefit

Herbalife still prides itself on the personal experience the customers get from the distributors of Herbalife Nutrition. The new goal is to balance the advantage of the personal experience he distributors offer with the technology. As a company Herbalife will continue to improve on technology that can strengthen its distributors and improve the customer experience. For distributors alone the company wants to boost productivity, retention success and efficiency of the its knowledgeable and skilled distributors.


About Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife began as a company that wanted to change the nutritional habits of the entire world. The start of the company was influenced by the weight loss issues that Mark Hughes mother had. She eventually passed away due to an eating disorder and unhealthy weight loss attempts. The first product produced by the company was a weight management assisting protein shake. In its early years the company was the fastest growing American company. Its sales went from $386 thousand to $423 million over the span of five years. Three years later the company reached global expansion and had worldwide sales of $191 million.



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