9 Powerful Tips For Upwork Freelancer To-Do Lists

Many people on Upwork, the freelancing website, have a hard time completing a to-do list that they sought to finish. Wouldn’t you like a clear mind to get your list done and focus on the things you enjoy? Here are 9 tips to get you through your to-do list:

  1. Make sure everything is on your list.

People have a tendency to try to remember certain tasks instead of writing them all down. It is actually more effective to write down everything, and keep the incomplete tasks out of your mind.

  1. Have your list ready for the day.

Energy in the body is at its highest point in the morning. Instead of waking up and creating your to-do list, prepare it in advance.

  1. Keep your tasks in one place.

It can be hard sometimes to locate all of tasks you have. They could be in files, emails, or even in the messages on the Upwork platform. Considering the nature of Upwork, you can find client information scattered all over.

  1. Allocate your time.

Instead of looking at your list unprepared. Set a time frame for each task, and that way you will give yourself windows of opportunity.

  1. Set priorities.

It is a good idea to be aware of the time of the day that you usually have the most free time. By doing so, you can assign your most important tasks to those times.

  1. Use procastination to your advantage.

There is a saying that 20% of the work can produce 80% of the results. If you see yourself taking on something new, ask yourself which will bring you more value and go after that.

  1. Delegate your tasks.

Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day. Delegate tasks to others on your team. This is popular among freelancers on the Upwork platform.

  1. Split up large tasks.

If you find a task on your list to be particularly overwhelming, simply break it up into sub-tasks.

  1. Combine tasks.

If you have two similar tasks, it is smart to complete them together to save time.


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