Dr. Saad was born in 1940 in Palestine, a time recorded in history when Palestine was under dramatic transformations. Dr, Saad’s father was a petroleum mechanic. He grew up in Kuwait with other seven siblings. He obtained a medical degree from the University of Cairo. He did his internship in the United Kingdom before leaving for the USA he did a pediatric surgery and as the board in his medical profession certified such. He was placed at King Specialist Hospital working station. In his working station, the chief and the protocol office could assign him surgical responsibilities ranging from simple to complex. In one of his assignments, he did a surgery to a kid who was admitted to the hospital with an aneurysm. Through his successful completion of the assigned surgery, he attracted the international scientific journal to air the facts of Dr. Saad procedure aiming at educating others. He gained a lot of positive reputation from the surgery from his work colleagues because his expertise and knowledge were outstanding. As such, his recommendations on patients in need of surgery were highly taken into consideration. He has served as a co-medical director and the chief surgeon at K Hovnanian Children Hospital. He retired recently, and his residence is at Red Bank, New Jersey.


During his tenure as a surgeon, he initiated and the development of the surgical residency program. Again, he was instrumental in the creation and linking a formidable working connectedness with the Royal College of Surgeons in the United Kingdom. This was to enable students to acquire their United Kingdom surgeon validation in Saudi Arabia. Through these significant accomplishments, multiple students in Saudi Arabia today have the pleasure to take surgical training from the home countries without traveling abroad for certification. Dr. Saad made critical innovations in the medical field. For instance, he invented the endoscope used by doctors in every corner. The endoscopes are crucial in the medical area as they are used to assess the lungs, esophagus, and patient stomach. He invented the endoscope attached to the suction device. The suction device allows the doctor to keep the endoscope inside the patient body with the suction tube activated. Besides, Dr. Saad invented an electronic catheter. He invented the electronic catheter to counter the effects of overexposing the body to ex-rays as they are subject to destroying the body. The electronic catheter has an essential electromagnetic location device at its far end, and it helps the doctor to hold the catheter when scanning the body. Dr. Saad trusts in modernizing the medical field. Learn more: https://angel.co/saad-saad-2

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