NGP VAN – Software that Helps Elections

NGP VAN is a Washington, D.C based company who uses its advanced software platform to give Progressive and Democratic campaigners and other organizations state-of-the-art fundraising and networking capabilities. Within every state, NGP VAN has contributed to the success of candidates being elected and keeping compliance within federal guidelines.

Not only is NGP VAN helping significant organizations in the United States with technologically driven software to win immensely at whatever endeavors, but also to enable crucial organizations around the world to realize their ideas and agendas that are foremost in making lives better, the environment safer, leading and shaping whatever goals in their sight versus their competitors.

The development of the MiniVAN app for iOS and Android is for paperless door-to-door canvassing, and instantaneous information upload as needed, note recording, maps and walk lists for voter contact. Follow up is initiated using this device in the event of noncontact with a potential voter, to note the address, etc.

An article was written in Neighbor Post, dated April 2, 2018, referencing NGP VAN as regarded as a “ DC-based political software company in NGP VAN promotes LGBTQ-inclusion.” The progressive Democratic rhetoric by stating the importance of inclusion of the LGBTQ community, as a growing voting block, is seen by some as harvesting of new voters. This focus on this quite substantial group of voters is significant if the LGBTQ block community agrees with the progressive Democratic message, which would address their concerns.

NGP VAN is hard working at advancing the scope of women in the job marketplace. They participated in the “International Day Without Women” day to lend focus to the social and economic plight of women who embraced solidarity around the world in an “act in solidarity to promote women’s human rights, oppressed people of any gender and equity.” NGP VAN female employees were encouraged to participate in this demonstration. With the discontent of a small segment of the female demographic, the progressive Democrats have realized that gender is another key to promoting inclusion of group, also, as a voting block.

NGP VAN has lent its tools to achieve the successful campaigns for Barack Obama, and other high profile candidates (i.e., Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders) in the 2016 elections. They assist large and small groups: municipalities, nonprofits and diverse organizations using data analytics. This company, like other companies, are narrowing the scope of what voters are looking for from their future political leaders.

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