Premature Birth Can Increase The Risk Of Heart Disease

A recent study has shown that women who give birth before the 37th week of pregnancy are more likely to develop heart disease later in life. A team of researchers followed a group of women over the course of 25 years. There were 1,049 women involved in the study. They found that women who had high blood pressure and preterm births were more likely to develop heart disease.

Janet Catov was one of the authors of the study. She stated that women who had high blood pressure but gave birth to full-term babies still had a lower risk of heart disease than those who gave birth prematurely. They also found that black women were more likely to have high blood pressure and give birth to premature babies than white women. This was true regardless of education or socioeconomic status.

Researchers believe that the stress of racism may the reason that the black mortality rate is much higher than the white mortality rate. Janet stated that this study did not look at stress as a risk factor for premature birth. Calcium buildup in the arteries is one of the things that increases the risk of heart disease.

Calcium buildup was higher in women who had given birth to premature babies. It is estimated that 10 percent of babies in the United States are born prematurely. Not only are mothers more likely to develop heart disease if they give birth prematurely, but the babies themselves are also at an increased risk of heart disease.

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