When it Comes to Protecting the Eyes, it May Be Smart to Avoid Trends

Taking care of your eyes is important, and that means protecting them from the sun’s harmful rays, when you are outdoors. In the not too distant past, sunglasses were large and prominent, and that kept the entire eye protected. These days that’s not so easy. The trend now is for small glasses. If you take a look at photos of the rich and famous, you will see that they are following the tiny sunglasses trend, so you can be sure that soon, almost everyone will be following it, but what does it mean for your eyes?


It turns out that the small shades don’t offer enough coverage to keep eyes safe from the sun. Many of these tiny glasses don’t even have lenses large enough to cover the entire eye, which leaves the eyes vulnerable to damage from the sun’s UV rays.


In order for the sunglasses to do their job, the lenses must be large enough to cover the entire eye area. So, this summer it might have to come down to fashion versus safety. While these small glasses are expected to be everywhere this summer, those in the know and those who care about their eye health, may want to skip this trend. While it’s fine to be fashionable, fashion should never come at the cost of one’s health.


Stick with the larger frames, they’ll protect the eyes, and may even help keep the wrinkles away, since you won’t have to squint in the sun all summer. Many actually even find the larger frames more attractive. Leave the smaller frames to the celebrities who want to wear them, take the smart route and surround your eyes in protection this summer.

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