3 Innovations in Eye Healthcare

Many people all over the world struggle daily with visual impairments and eye disease. Some of the eye conditions are inherent. Thanks to technological innovation and scientific research, their many discoveries in eye treatment today.

Restoration of Eyesight

Recent research into losing of eyes right shows that stimulation of the nerves of the eyes can help restore eyesight for blind people. The never would stimulate using electric impulses. The procedure would involve creating an artificial retina in the form of a thin film to place on the natural retina. Using an organic material capable of responding to light. This film, if placed on the eyes, would react to light. It would convert the light signals into electric impulses. The electrical pulses would stimulate the nerves of the eye. This discovery was at Linkopin University in Sweden. If proven successful, it would be a significant breakthrough in the fight against diabetic blindness. Information from this study can also be used to halt or reverse retinal degeneration.

Reversing Retinal Degeneration

Scientists at Birmingham University discovered a solution for red and green color blindness. People who have red and green color blindness cannot distinguish the two colors from the rest. Their eyes do not pick up the two colors. Scientists discovered that contact lenses made from cheap dye could help solve this problem. This discovery will also help to cut down on the cost of contact lenses.

Retina degeneration

At Duke University, scientist researched causes of inherent retina degeneration. They discovered that the mutant protein cells that cause retina deletion could be strong structure. The cells usually fold up and die. Boosting them would prevent the folding up that leads to the destruction of the retina. This profound discovery is a breakthrough in the treatment of any diseases that involve cell degeneration. Examples are Alzheimer’s and Parkinson diseases.


There are many breakthroughs in research in the eye treatment and diagnosis. There is hope that visual impairedness will be a thing of the past shortly.


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