Neutraceutical claims to improve near-sightedness

Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, affects millions of people across the country. Contacts lenses and eyeglasses correct the condition. More expensive solutions include lasik eye surgery. While these solutions are normally safe and effective, some people seek other solutions. Neutraceuticals are often controversial products that may or may not offer solutions. One neutraceutical maker is marketing a product called Extra Cyan.


Ferlux, the makers of Extra Cyan, claim to be an expert in extractability and traceability of berries, according to The site claims that the product has been medically proven to improve the vision of myopic individuals.


The author of the brief blurb on the Natural Ingredients website does not provide a link to any scientific studies that can prove or refute the claim. To date, no studies have shown improvement for nearsightedness from any bilberry extract. Improving vision for people who suffer from this condition involves focusing the light that enters the eye in the correct way.


Nearsightedness occurs when the eye focuses light in front of the retina. This makes the images the eye sees appear farther away than it actually is. People who suffer from near-sightedness usually compensate by bringing the documents they read closer to them. Making the screen appears larger works for computers and tablets. Laser eye surgery corrects vision by changing the focal point on the retina.


People’s eye sight deteriorates as they age. People over the age of 40 lose some of their ability to read small print. Bilberry extract may work for some people, but it may be better to see an eye doctor for vision problems. Glasses are known to work, and the data is not yet in for this neutraceutical.

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