Watch for eye problems caused by air pollution

Air pollution can effect the eye, and it is more prevalent for people who live in cities than people who live in small towns. The conditions that affect the eye occur at different times of year and even different times of day. The primary factor for the health of the urban eye dweller is the level of traffic in the city. Many of the most common irritants are found in car and truck exhaust fumes. Industrial pollutants also affect this delicate organ.

Certain types of hydrocarbons affect the eye the most, and can contribute to a condition called dry eye syndrome, according to Dry Eye syndrome can cause damage to ocular organs if untreated. Over-the-counter and prescription eye drops can help treat the condition.

Dry Eye Syndrome is not the only eye problem air pollution can cause. Allergy suffers know this all too well. Certain allergy sufferers get watery, itchy eyes during their particular allergy season. Despite what current urban myths say, allergies can occur during any season. Pollen and other allergens are more common during certain seasons. Fortunately, eye allergies are fairly easy to deal with. The same medications used to treat hay fever can be used to stop the symptoms. A different type of eye drops can treat this condition.

What happens when someone just has dry eyes rather that are not caused by a syndrome? The best thing to do is to find some way to moisten the eye. Specialized drops are not necessary for this. Placing a cool, damp cloth over the eye can help restore moisture. It also helps to wear sun glasses when people go outside in the summer months.

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