Meet Tony Petrello, CEO Of Nabors Industries With A Maths And Law Background

Tony Petrello is among very few corporate executives with an out of the blues story and background, the kind that will attract Hollywood to their doorstep. Tony grew up in a humble environment in Newark, New Jersey where he attended public school. According to his friends and former classmates, Petrello was the typical New Jersey kid with the usual accent and taste of fashion. However, he was exceptionally gifted in Mathematics and it did not take long before he was on everybody’s’ lips. He instantly became a sensation in his High School for his Maths ability which fortunately or unfortunately overcrowded his outgoing personality and freedom of speech.

Yale University came knocking and gave him the scholarship to study at the University and be mentored by acclaimed French mathematician and professor, Serge Lang. His time at Yale would gradually transform his life as he would embark on a journey of self-discovery. He realized that he had a good sense of humor and would interact freely with people and make friends all over.

It is this personality that landed him a beautiful and elegant girl by the name Cynthia, who would become his future wife. After graduating from Yale University, Tony would make a fateful decision not to pursue mathematics and opted for Law. Consequently, he enrolled at Harvard School of Law and would graduate in the 1970s.

Anthony Petrello joimed Baker & McKenzie, a prestigious law firm where he became an expert in business law, majoring in arbitration and taxation. It is during his time with the firm that he would interact with Nabors Industries, who were clients of the law firm. Tony who is naturally gifted in mathematics and had developed a very likable personality would make a lasting impression on Nabors Industries both professionally and socially. His services to the oil drilling company would be so valuable that the management of Nabors considered poaching him.

Nabors Industries, founded in 1968 is a global contractor for oil drilling, geothermal and natural gas projects. The company is renowned for its competence in land drilling projects and now operates in more than 25 countries. After much lobbying and convincing, Tony Petrello agreed to join Nabors Industries as the Chief Operating Officer. What had become a matter of habit would still happen in the company, as Tony stood out and was promoted to CEO in the year 1992. Since then, he has continued to lead Nabors Industries to more growth including a number of strategic acquisitions.

More about Tony Petrello

Other than his mainstream work as the CEO of Nabors, Tony also serves as director of Additionally, he is a director at Hilcorp Energy Company. Petrello is also involved in a number of benevolent initiatives among the supporting children with Cerebral palsy. Together with his wife, Cynthia, he has donated money to the tune of $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital.

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