Computer System Reported To Have Found Examples Of Melanomas Much Quicker Than A Medically-Trained Dermatologist

There is no question we continue to be surrounded by computers, and it seems with each passing day they get more and more intelligent. In recent news, an artificial intelligence app was able to correctly diagnose cases of skin cancer 95% of the time, which outpaced a panel of human dermatologists, who were only able to correctly diagnose skin cancer… More →

Computer Is More Accurate Than Humans At Detecting Cancer

Computers are advancing and are even seeming to surpass human intelligence. A convolutional learning network, also called a CNN, was tested against 58 dermatologists. These dermatologists had different levels of expertise in the field. More than half were experts with at least five years of experience. 48% of these dermatologists had less than five years of experience. The CNN was… More →

Clay Hutson: Impeccable Sound Engineering Skills Perfected through Experience

The live music landscape is continually changing. This requires artists and professionals involved to continually evolve and come up with revolutionary ideas to create drama and extravaganza not only to entertain the audience but also stay relevant in the market. Achieving such vital objectives requires more than sound engineering skills; it requires excellent hands-on experience and human resource management acumen.… More →

Maintaining a Healthy Stomach Bacteria

Many people think of stomach bacteria as something that only impacts digestion. While the primary role of stomach bacteria is to digest food, it does much more than just smooth the digestive process. It is believed that stomach bacteria problems may cause or worsen a host of physical problems such as inflammation, depression, diabetes, acne and obesity. If fact, as… More →

Francisco J. Domenech; Succeeding as a Legislature

Born in Puerto Rico, Francisco J. Domenech is a legal services provider who worked in Puerto Rico’s legislative unit between 2005 and 2008. Growing up in the care of protective parents, his family moved to Florida where he was sent to Blessed Trinity Catholic School followed by Forest High School. Later into the years, he joined the University of Puerto… More →

Hidden Sugar, Nutritional Labels, and Your Health

We all are aware that sugar is in soda, candy, and cake, but sugar hides in some seemingly safe foods like fruit yogurt, whole grain bread, and juices. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is changing the way food companies label the nutritional content. The change will add additional information by the total sugar measurements. The new line will state… More →