Ocular melanoma: Eye Health

Advances in ocular medicine have come a long way. In the past, if you have poor eyesight, there was simply knowing that you could do about it. Only the wealthy were able to afford glasses and contacts were still yet to be conceived. Today anyone who has any issues with their eyesight is able to go to an optometrist in their local area and receive specialized treatment that will allow them to see the world clearly. It may seem like there is not much more left to do in the world of ocular medical treatment however there are still many issues that have yet to be resolved.
Recently there was a case of ocular melanoma. This is the type of cancer that is normally fairly rare that attacks the eyes. However, in one town there was an aggressive cancer strain that was particularly widespread. There were at least 36 individuals who had graduated from Auburn University that received the rare diagnosis of eye cancer that is known as ocular melanoma. Many of these diagnoses were made decades after the students had left the University. Researchers to further investigated the issue uncovered an additional 18 individuals who lived in Huntersville North Carolina that been diagnosed with ocular melanoma as well. The researchers do not yet know what has caused this cancer to the fact so many individuals. Typically the rate of occurrence is incredibly rare and to have so many individuals from one singular area to be affected by it indicates that there is more than likely an outside factor that has influenced the development.
A far more common cancer that affects the eye is subcutaneous melanoma. It is linked to exposure to the sun and ultraviolet radiation. The ocular melanoma that the patients suffering from is not linked to this, however. Doctors currently do not know what the cause of the disease is and the most widely accepted answer is that it is purely a matter of chance.

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