Facts About Your Eyes You May Not Know

Our eyes are beautiful mechanisms that serve the function of helping us to see clearly every day. There are two million parts of the eye that function, and seven million cones within the eye that are designed to help us see detail and color. We also have 100 million rods, which are the cells of the eyes that help us retain our vision at night.

Here are some more interesting facts about eyes you may not know:

Each time you blink, it lasts for 1/10th of a second. The reason your eyes may get fatigued when you’re staring at a screen for a long period of time is because you don’t blink as much. Of course, taking a nap or resting in between computer sessions can also be helpful.

Nearly all of our memories — 80% to be exact — are dictated by what we see. This shows that after the brain, the eyes are the most complicated organ in the body.

It’s also interesting to note that the reason we may never be able to live on Mars is because space travel can take a toll on the eyes.

While eye color can be genetic, it is also determined by how much melanin is present in your iris, which is why people in the same family can have different eye colors. However, we can’t start fully using our eyes when we’re born, since all babies are born colorblind. During episodes of depression, people are not able to see the contrasts in color as easily, which explains why the terms “blue,” or “gray” are used to describe people who are sad or depressed.

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