Twenty-Five Percent Of Children In Australia Living With An Undiagnosed Eye Condition

Twenty-five percent of children in Australia are living with an undiagnosed eye condition. They suffer at home and school as a result of this. Eye exams are recommended at the age of three. However, 32 percent of Australian children who are under the age of 14 have never had an eye exam.

Sixty-three percent of parents surveyed stated that sight is the most important sense. However, parents are more likely to take their children to a dentist appointment instead of an eye doctor. Cost is one of the things that deters many parents from taking their children to the eye doctor.

Naomi Barber is a senior optometrist who works at Spec Savers. She stated that 25 percent of children are likely living with an undiagnosed eye condition. Children’s eyes change drastically between birth and the age of 7. Children who cannot see may have trouble reading and learning.

Greg Hunt is the health minister. He stated that 94 percent of eye care services are bulk-billed. He encourages parents to take advantage of these free services. Catherine King is the Opposition Health spokesperson. She stated that it is extremely disturbing that many children have not seen an eye doctor.

Simon Hanna he wants parents to know that they can have their kids’ vision tested first. He stated that more children require glasses today than they did 20 years ago. They are also spending less time outdoors.

Sabre Norris is a YouTube star. She and her two siblings wear glasses, but they lived without glasses for a long time. Sabre’s parents did not have the children’s eyes checked until they started having problems at school.

There are several things that Australian parents need to know about eye exams. You do not need a doctor’s referral to see an eye doctor. You can also get an eye exam for free. Additionally, many children have vision problems and do not show any signs of it.

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