Mark Mofid: Redefining Gluteal Augmentation Industry

Mark Mofid is a famous doctor in the cosmetic medical industry. He was trained at John Hopkins University and Harvard University. Apart from the formal education, Mark Mofid portrays his abilities naturally as an innovator. His reputation has grown over time and this has won him great trust from his clients. He is also very particular with the medical practices that he performs ensuring that they are as safe as possible. Mark is a firm practitioner of safety practices for the well-being of the patients. He puts their safety first before money. Mark is always involved in research projects in search for better ways to perform his roles in the industry. He encourages the use of innovations that are in line with science, critical thinking, and careful and detailed examinations. He has a deep knowledge about the body, which enables him to perform his work efficiently without guesswork.

As at now, Mark Mofid counts eight years of experience in the surgery world. His first involvement in this industry opened his eyes to see the many opportunities to make improvements in future. He chose to challenge himself and his abilities by not doing things the same they have been. He thought of reinventing the industry afresh. One of the major challenge that he found with the gluteal augmentation industry is the fact that many implants were not compatible with the human body especially the muscle structure and others were more generic. Instead of venturing into a product that was not functional, Mark Mofid tried his best to think outside the box. That is when he did evaluating and re-examined all the possible options and finally came up with something different and new. He finally succeeded in designing a superior gluteal implant of all time. This did not come out easily but through a series of research work.

Mark Mofid is board certified and operates within La Jolla and San Diego. Two responsible boards certify him: The American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and American Board of Plastic Surgery. Through an interview, Mark discloses the location of their clinic. It is located in San Diego County. It is fully equipped with right equipment and professionals.

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