Malcolm CasSelle: Pioneer of Digital Asset Exchange

Malcolm CasSelle has recently created one of the world’s first decentralized marketplaces to facilitate the exchange of virtual assets. He is well known and regarded as a pioneer in the digital technology industry. He originally received an education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He later attended Stanford University as he continues to pursue higher education and the computer science field and he was eventually able to complete his Master’s degree. After completing his formal education, he entered the former workforce in earnest. He has since been able to land several key positions of leadership in numerous digital technology companies.

Today Malcolm CasSelle is at the forefront of the blockchain revolution that is realizing the potential applications of decentralized technology across numerous industries. He has recently launched a company that he has called worldwide asset exchange. He is the president of this company while he is also the chief investment officer of one of the leaders of in-game sales of virtual assets. This company is OPSkins. Since he has insider knowledge of the industry, he is keenly aware of two issues that have been associated with the use of centralized marketplaces whenever it comes to the exchange of virtual assets amongst users.

Users of virtual asset exchanges are not always users of the same nationality. As such they are more than likely using different national currencies and in order to facilitate transactions by must use a foreign-exchange market. The use of this foreign-exchange market needlessly drives the cost of doing business upwards as they are subject to the fees that are charged by the use of such a market. His new company will eliminate the middleman that is necessary to facilitate transactions currently. Instead, users will be able to use a common store of value known as wax tokens. This wax tokens is a form of cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin and is based upon the same technology. As a result of the technology that it is built upon they are also able to solve the issue of fraud simultaneously.


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