OSI Industries Adds UK Food Processing Company Flagship Europe To It’s Subsidiaries

Flagship Europe is the former U itK partner company of Flagship Foods that recently changed owners. The company sells a lot of breakfast foods such as bacon, sausages, patties and several pastries as part of their products, and there’s also dinner foods and snacks in their line. Flagship Europe was scaling back their operations and even beginning to cut employees in recent years, but they’ve now found themselves on good footing with a buyout from another company, OSI Industries. OSI Industries made several mergers along with Flagship Europe to not only expand its European reach, but also to add new products to its meat portfolio. OSI Industries CEO Sheldon Lavin announced that Flagship Europe’s employees will be kept as will their CEO Russell Paddock who will continue in a managerial role at the company.

OSI Industries is a Chicago meat processing and packing company that all started with a family that came to the city at the turn of the 20th century. It was officially named Otto & Sons in the 1920s and started increasing its meat sales over the next couple decades. The time that Otto & Sons really started taking off was after fast food franchise McDonald’s asked them to ship high volumes of meat to their restaurants. Their part-time consultant at the time, Sheldon Lavin started bringing in the financing to increase production through construction of large plants, and in the next few years the company was renamed to OSI Industries.

Around the late 1970s and early 1980s, OSI Industries opened it’s first European office and production plant in Germany, and this began the next 40 years of building the world’s 10th largest meat processing company, and the 54th largest overall food distributor. Several other partners and lower level manufacturers of OSI Industries include Amick Farms, K&K Foods, Select Ready Foods, Fair Oaks Farms, GenOSI and Pizza Nation. While McDonald’s has been their longest running partner, OSI Industries had also supplied prepared foods for Subway, Pizza Hut, KFC and Wendy’s over the years. They’ve also diversified into vegetables, sauces, baked sweets, platters and even then tofu foods. OSI is also known for making substantial Improvements in how workplace safety is monitored, and has always been conscious of the environmental impact their plants have had around the world. They were given recognition for that in 2016 from the British Safety Council who gave them the Globe of Honour award.

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