The Innovative Surgeon, Doctor Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid is a certified plastic surgeon who practices in the geographical area of San Diego, Brazil. Together with his wife they own a clinic located in La Jolla in the same San Diego County where the wife practices as a dermatologist. He is known for his research, innovation and strict adherence to safety rules in the practice. These traits have earned Dr. Mofid huge reputation and trust in the scientific world.

Dr. Mark Mofid is always trying to invent better ways of undertaking various surgeries and his immense understanding of human body skin, fat and muscle system has helped him a lot in the inventions. For Instance, gluteal augmentation which in basic word is art of plastic surgery to enlarge body parts in recent years have been viewed as not all that perfect. It was seen as a malpractice leave alone the fact that the generic implants were not 100% compatible with the human tissues and therefore would be expected to sag after some time. Dr. Mark Mofid aimed at improving on this whole process of gluteal augmentation so as to make it effective and acceptable rather than carry on with the techniques and products being used. This would only be done by researching to come up with better versions.

After researching for hours he came up with a better effective gluteal implant that has been accepted and embraced as opposed to the previous versions of the same. Dr. Mark Mofid has encouraged other scientists and practicing doctors that by taking risks and devoting time and effort to research customers can get quality efficient services than they are already receiving.

He proved that there is always room to improve in whatever field or practice and therefore Brazil being the world leader of gluteal augmentation industry is now being recognized even in the American markets since the practice is now effective with improved ratios of success. In his opinion the best way to advertise is by offering good services ensuring that quality improves as compared to online and print media advertising.

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