The ISO CEO Sheldon Lavin and His Company’s Bold Steps to Glory

Sheldon Lavin’s name is well praised in business circles due to his charming personality and sharp business mind and skills. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO and Chairman of the ISO Industries was recently honored with a Global Visionary Award, by the renowned Vision World Academy. This globally coveted award seeks to recognize the achievers in the society who pulled through hardships by persistence and perseverance just to see their dreams come true. So far, there have only four previous visionaries honored with this award, and Mr. Lavin closes the first five lists. The ISO CEO received this award in 2016.

Lavin’s education and work

Mr. Lavin studied Accounting and Finance and here is where he acquired most of his business management skills. After his studies, he joined an OSI Group precursor, the Otto & Sons Company in 1970. Here he rose through the ranks to become the top man at this small financial consulting company. According to Sheldon Lavin during an interview, it was at this financial consulting firm that he got exposed to the food market and gained some knowledge about the expansion of food companies. He went ahead to become the CEO of OSI Group with his stake rising at the company to 50% and later 100% through the years.

At the helm of OSI Group

As the CEO of the OSI Group, Lavin has led the company through great success. It is under his tenure that the company has grown to a global entity from just a starting family business. The OSI Group currently boasts of over 17 countries reach with a total of 70 facilities. This global entity now employees more than 20,000 persons.

Sheldon Lavin has also helped this company expand to $6 billion in revenue. The OSI Group is currently ranked among the highest grossing 50 private organizations in the world. Apart from this, the company is expanding into new markets in Europe especially Spain and the rest of the world. This expansion will be facilitated with the company’s recent acquisition of Baha Foods and Flagship Europe.

Mr. Lavin currently serves as Rush University Medical Center’s General Trustee. This OSI Group CEO seeks to promote corporate social responsibility. His major areas of focus include economic, environmental, and social responsibilities. He strives to make the relationship between the community and business better, with ISO Group being the industry leader. There is a lot of curiosity on what the new expansion strategies mean to Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group, and the entire global food market.

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