How Women Leaders Can Take the Best Lessons From Susan McGalla

One thing that people can say about Susan McGalla is that she is more than a leader. She is also a role model and an example for women to follow. For one thing, she has paved the way for women to be successful entrepreneurs in other industries. One thing that she has shown is the method and the attitude to have about leading and owning a business. One thing that Susan McGalla has brought to the industries is gender diversity. It was rare for women to be in the workplace even when Susan was working for the companies at the beginning of her career.

One of the best advantages of having gender diversity in a company is that the gender diverse companies are going to outperform the companies that do not have gender diversity. Another advantage that gender diversity has is that these companies are more likely to reach everyone. However, when people think about gender diversity, it is more than just having women in the workforce. Women have to be allowed to hold positions of leadership as well. When women are able to provide a company with their insights, they are able to give the company direction towards higher goals.

One thing that Susan McGalla has done is pave the way for women to move into the C-level positions. When women are in higher positions, then they are able to take control over the direction that the business is going in. One good thing about this is that this can bring some kind of novelty to the business. This type of novelty is sure to attract new customers that the other types of companies would not have been able to attract. After all, diversity is something that is very important to people. Customers need someone they can relate to in order to run their business.

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