Dr. Mark McKenna Brings OVME to You

At-home Botox injections will soon be coming straight to your door at the push of a smart-phone button. This is the latest business venture rollout of doctor and entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna, whose medical and business experience is culminating into medical procedures of the future. The medical doctor turned business mogul is combining his expertise to offer an Uber-inspired spin on cosmetic procedures all done in the luxury of your own home.

Although Dr. Mark McKenna’s latest venture is making waves, his story begins in 1999 after graduating from Tulane Medical School in New Orleans. After working at his father’s general practice for five years, Dr. Mark McKenna turned his attention to building his real estate business, which he felt would be far more profitable after watching financial changes take place in the medical industry. Dr. McKenna’s prediction was correct; he was making over $500,000 a year through his real estate business, which at the time was worth over $4 million. However in 2005, his New Orleans-based business was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. Dr. McKenna lost several million dollars overnight.

After Hurricane Katrina hit, Dr. Mark McKenna rebuilt in New Orleans but ultimately ended up moving to Atlanta, creating a fee-for-service medical practice called ShapeMed. The idea was to bypass insurance for customers in search of wellness and aesthetic medical services. The company expanded to four offices, making $4 million annually. He was able to sell his string of ShapeMeds to LifeTime Fitness, taking time off to spend with his newly expanding family.

His new Atlanta-based company, OVME, will cater to the user experience of retail medical aesthetics. Customers can expect emailed forms, mobile app scheduling, and virtual consults. OVME will create a network of medical providers that will operate much like Uber or Airbnb, bringing together local customers with available medical providers in their area. The company intends on putting the customer first, as is referenced by the origins of their name, “of me.”


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