Newark native and NBA Hall of Famer, Shaquille O’Neal is told how the city used to be attractive for investment. Due to this, he has the responsibility to revive it once again. He has constructed a 168-market-rate house. His governor, Murphy, has appreciated O’Neal’s work in helping Newark gain its potential.


Newark Mayor, Ras Baraka, advises people that for Newark to develop, it requires the collaboration of the state and private sectors. This will help big projects to thrive to avoid groundbreakings. Newark is attractive due to the tower and city movie theater which is financed by the mayor and Goldman Sachs. It is advisable to partner with people who are ready to do projects in the communities and also who are doing projects in downtown. This is echoed by Margret Anadu, the Managing Director at Goldman Sachs.


According to, these projects in the community will create careers and jobs for common people In Newark. All these projects will enable women, minorities as well as veterans to get construction trade careers. As O’Dea says. O’Neal is partnering with Kobe Bryant from Boraie Group to see these projects grow. Projects like Shaq Towers and the $150 million of the 35-story building provides a very high rate of Newark progress. Boraie Development and Shaquille are doing great to see Newark City develops.


It is a big day that Newark officials celebrate for the opening of the Shaq towers, a project by Boraie Development. It is the first market-rate melt up a housing project in Newark. This is a project with 21 stories, 169 units of rental representing 184,000 square feet and rental space of 20000 square feet. It is situated along One Rector Street. This project by Boraie Development led by Shaquille O’Neal attracted the whole government officials during the ceremony. Wasseem Boraie describes it as an example of the reason of why public and private sectors must collaborate to see progress in the urban centers. Boraie Development partnered with Goldman Sacs as well as the city, the state and the EDA.


The Boraie Development has made Newark, a city of good reputation through its project. Newark and New Jersey are rising up due to this project. Shaquille O’Neal, director of Boraie Development thanks to the city for its support.


Boraie Development is to construct another building under the direction of Gilbane Building Company. The building will be a luxury and affordable. Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal are planning to construct a building with 350 units representing $150 million investment. You can check out on





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