Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, What Makes It So Special?

One of the top selling items in any grocery store is water. Who would have thought that any society in the United States would be buying and paying top dollar for water? Well, as the earth becomes more and more polluted and unsettled, drinking water is becoming a much needed item. Many of the water companies are fighting long and hard to get their fair share of the water market. Many of these water sellers are using marketing to point out what makes their position and their products so special. With the many claims to fame that each water has, many still can not come close to what makes the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water extra special.

It might come as no shock that this water comes from Hawaii. As you can see, even the name of the water is Hawaiian but, it takes more than just a catchy name to make great water in the modern age. Waiakea uses a volcano to process their water before bottling it into a specially made water bottle. Yes, an ordinary plastic water bottle can be recycled and will break down on it’s own after about one thousand years. However, Waiakea has made their water bottle even better. It is the first plastic water bottle made to break down into the earth in only fifteen years. Now, keep in mind that 15 years is a long time, but, not when you put that 15 years up against 1000 years.

As a Hawaii volcanic water, being in a special eco-friendly bottle is something to be proud of. So, as you can imagine, there are volcanic water benefits that go with this water and the Waiakea water pH is naturally balanced too. These things all seem so simple and even easy to achieve but, in reality they are making the Waiakea water extra special in every way imaginable. The other thing this is really cool about this company is they supply the people of Hawaii with work and clean drinking water. Another thing that is really cool is they use efficient, eco-friendly trucks to get their water to where it needs to go.



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