Dr. Rand is passionate about changing patients lives for the better

Doctor Johanan Rand lives in Newark, New Jersey, he specializes in integrated medicine. Doctor Johanan Rand also has a bioidentical hormone replacement practice. Doctor Dov Rand is very passionate about his work and his patients health and well being. He encourages all of his patients to be healthy and lose weight. DR. Rand not only wants patients to become healthy but also wants them to maintain and remain healthy. Doctor Dov Rand is the President at the Healthy Aging Medical Center, which is located in West Orange, New Jersey. DR. Dov Rand has received a considerable amount of training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center, this facility is located in New York. He is dedicated to helping his patients, and even will take the time to create custom programs so individual people catering to their specific needs. He develops treatments to help prevent diseases, restore health, improve vitality and ensure access to optimum healthy aging.

The Healthy Medical Centers offers a variety of services to help people. They have created a different approach to help with menopausal symptoms that include mood swing, hot flashes , and also anxiety. The treatments that Doctor Dov Rand creates can also help depression, weight gain, mental fogginess and raised blood pressure. Treatments also help patients with all types of problems that they may be having and has no problem creating programs for individuals with more concerns. A study was done and it helped Doctor Dov Rand developed the HCG diet program, which is for pregnant women. This program helps incorporate hormones that women produce when pregnant. THEY have conducted tests that have proved to show help in preventing degenerative muscle determination in patients who adopt the diet to pose weight. The diet is very low calorie, but even so patients say that hunger does not affect you as much as you would think. He generally has patients who are looking for quick result try this diet program. DR. Dov Rand has made sure to create effective way to lose and maintain weight lose throughout a verify of patients. He will help people learn the correct way to eat and even reset your metabolism. If you are searching for way to improve and are in New Jersey or can travel I encourage you to looking into Doctor Dov Rand, he is caring and will be sure to help anyone in need.




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